Legend of Bhagat Singh – The movie that changed my life

Movie : Legend of Bhagat Singh
Release Date : June 2002
Cast: Ajay Devgan, Sushant Singh, Raj Babbar, Amrita Rao
Direction : RajKumar Santoshi
Producers: Tips Films

One name that still infuses an energy and enthusiasm to stand up and fight up for rights is – Bhagat singh.  A hindi motion picture based on  the life  of patriot Bhagat Singh really motivated me to such a great extent that I still feel the goose bumps. The story starts with his childhood, his devotion towards his country and slowly progresses where the young bhagat singh(played by ajay devgan) starts realizing that freedom cannot be achieved without action. He joins HRA(Hindustan republican association) under the leadership of Ram prasad bismil and chandrashekhar azad. After the martyrdom of ram prasad bismil and ashfaq, azadji and bhagat take the initiative in their own hands to free the country. After the barbaric lathi charge done on lalaji, Bhagat and rajguru kill the british officer Saunders. After their arrest warrant are made, bhagat singh safely escapes with rajguru. Their next plan lies to protect against public safety bill and trade dispute bill imposed on poor peasants and mill workers. Bhagat singh accompanied by B.K Dutt, hurl low powered bombs in legislative assembly to protect against the unlawful public safety bill.

After their arrest, bhagat singh continues his struggle in jail with hunger strike defying the entire british empire and making them realize the power of an indian. This hunger strike lasted for 60 days in which the great bengal patriot Jatin das lost his life. 23rd march 1931 was the day decided for their execution. There is a memorable scene which i still remember when the british police officials lead him to gallows and bhagat singh says – one minute jailor saab, ek krantikari doosre krantikari se mil raha hai. This he addresses to the book of lenin which he is reading. Along with sukhdev, rajguru, bhagat singh moves on to the gallows singing – mera rang de basanti chola and finally becomes immortal in the pages of history.

Every section in this movie is brilliant right from direction to acting, music, cinematography, dialogues, screenplay and story that doesn’t have a single dull moment. I appreciate the performance of Ajay Devgan who portrayed the role of Bhagat Singh with such honesty, conviction and most importantly it remains etched in memory of audience for several years. Even Sushant singh’s role as Sukhdev was memorable and noteworthy followed by some good performances from Raj Babbar, Mukesh Tiwari, D.Santosh, Farida Jalal, Akhilendra Mishra and Amrita Rao. A superb direction by RajKumar Santoshi to present such an outstanding movie on Bhagat Singh to the audience.

After watching this movie, I realized that there is a patriot in me who should fight for his rights and gain his goal no matter how worse the adversities are. Hope friends you like my blog post. Do comment. Thanks.

Jai Hind


2 Replies to “Legend of Bhagat Singh – The movie that changed my life”

  1. It was a great privilege for me to write biography on the most famous revolutionary of all times – Bhagat singh who laid his life for the independence of India. I am hoping to write blog posts on revolutionaries like Chandrashekhar azad, Sukhdev, Rajguru, Surya sen. Hope everyone will appreciate.

    Prashant Badiger

  2. Good post but please don’t describe Jatin Das merely as Bengal patriot. These revolutionaries did not merely belong to one province but to the whole nation.

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