Memorable ganesh festival of my childhood days

Shri Ganeshay Namah 2

Jay shri ganesh,
Ganesh chaturthi has always been my favorite festival since my childhood. The holy blessings of Ganesha has always been upon me in every tough times of my life. I may have forgotten ganesha, but he never forgot me and always lifted me from all the miseries and difficulties of life. In the mid -80’s we used to stay in small residential area called kisan nagar in thane. On the first day of ganesh chaturthi, all the people of building used to gather at the house of our owner, who used to bring ganesha idol every year. since though i was very small, I used to participate with great zeal and happiness to chant aarti of shri ganesha yelling – ganpati bappa morya. then we used to have prasada at afternoon served with typical maharastian style which included rice, dal, tasty vegetables and sweet modaks. I used to relish the modaks with very great fondness. Ganesha festival of that period was very larger than life. On the last day of anant chaturdarshi, all the people used to go to lake and immerse ganesha idol in the water wishing – ‘ganpati bappa morya pudhchya varshi lavkar yaa’. The ten days of ganesh chaturthi used to pass off in great happiness, devotion and prosperity. My belief in shri ganesha became more stronger when I was admitted in hospital due to fever during my SYBA examinations. I attempted my exams in very critical conditions, but it was the grace of god ganpati that I passed successfully. I have 2 dreams – someday I have to learn the skills of making ganesha idol and second I have to bring ganesha at my home and worship with all my heart. He has always with me whenever I needed him. Due to his blessings, I became a successful content writer and I have a hope that he will fulfill my wishes even though if I don’t tell him as he knows everything that i have in my mind. Nothing is hidden from him, and I want to continue being his devotee all the time. Thank you ganesha for being so nice to me .


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