Google Goggles – View and Search

It’s true – a picture is worth a thousand words. I guess this quote fits well on the new mobile application made by Google which enables user to gain information by taking photo of the object. The mobile application called Google Goggles is the new age search engine specially designed for android phones.
Google Goggles is a giant leap in the field of mobile technology where a mobile user just has to switch on his mobile camera in front of the object to acquire knowledge and the information is available in just fraction of seconds. Though I am not so specialized in writing tech savvy articles, but when I read this special feature in various websites I couldn’t stop myself from sharing this information. Once you place your cellular camera in front of the element, the application compares the element of that image and matches with the database and gives the desired results in form of web pages. Personally I feel that Google Goggles is the path breaking invention in field of mobile technology and will allow masses to acquire knowledge at just a click of a picture. So whether you want to know about tourist spots, antiquities, paintings or even logos, goggles gives you a clear view of the information you are looking for.   So are you ready to click ?