Tips to drive out writer’s block

Writer’s block, the nightmare of every professional writer struggling to compose his article in a tight deadline, but falls short of creativity, words, ideas and enthusiasm. Is it really nightmare? No, it is not. Writer’s block stems from our mind when we get suddenly get stuck up in middle of the writing process, unable to get any inspiration or words to keep our fingers moving on keyboard or paper. In this state, a blank screen or a page tends a person to get frustrated, anguish, discouraged resulting in doubting his writing skills. Being a writer, I also gone through these experiences in my writing career where I couldn’t think of a single word and mind couldn’t trace any word to move my article forward. All I just could do is to keep my writing process moving by pouring all the random thoughts on the word document. If you feel that you are really stuck in middle of the work, the causes may be that either lack of information about the particular topic or lack of enthusiasm. Want to really win over this writer’s block? these tips will definitely guide you to write your piece of article with excellent results without any pause.

1) Research on the particular topic: In the writing process, researching on the topic is first essential step that has to be followed. If you are unable to write even a single word, just stop writing. Close the word document and calmly try searching on the subject on the google and note down all the points relevant to your subject. This will help you organize your thoughts and write your article without any mental distraction.

2) Have a break: The best way to drive your boredom and mental fatigue is just take a break. take some time out to stroll in the fresh air, have a delicious snack, shop or meet your friends. These activities will definitely refresh your mind and help you write up your ideas in a more better way.

3) Music: Are you a die hard fan of Bryan Adams or do you love instrumental melodies? Music is the best way to remove the fuss from your mind and make your relaxed. Lose yourself in the soulful trance of the song, listen to the soothing sound of piano or groove your mind to the strings of the guitar, you are bound to be recharged with a new determination.

4) Keep writing: The best way to make your process unstoppable is just keep writing. Forget perfection, vocabulary and commitments for some hours and write out everything that comes in your mind. As truly said ” it is better to do something imperfectly than to do nothing at all”, so just write, no matter how worse you are. Even though your article may be not the best, but this practice will definitely boost a invisible energy to write your article continuously without any pause.

5) Read : Books are indeed our best friends so why not get in the company of them. Visit a library or a book store and pick up a book that interests your mind. It will not only refresh you, but also give you a ability to know new words, grasp the writing style and present your ideas from a different perspective.

6) Watch  motivational movie: Take out some out to watch a interesting motivational movie. Watching inspirational movies is also a good option to drive out all the doubtful drain from your mind.

7) Refer : Read the reference articles of other authors related to your topic. This will help you to get a grip on your subject and enable you to know what others have to say on the subject. Surf the net and read other websites concerned to your topic.

8) Join a writing community : There are thousands of online writing communities, blog available on web, so sign up to a good writing community and express thoughts to the articles written by professional authors. Check out this website for your reference –

Hope this tips will clear out all the misconceptions regarding writer’s block and turn you into a optimistic writer. Till then keep smiling

Prashant Badiger