Stop worrying and start living


Worry! a 5 letter word can make you sick, anxious and negative in approach. Can you show me a single person who is not worried? Every single individual on the earth is worried about somethings or other. Exam results, marriage, career, success, fame, relationships, security- these are the basic things that a person is always surrounded with and the emotions tend him to worry. In other words, worry is overreactive emotion that comes in our mind when we face a situation and it creates a confusion in our mind whether we can perform the task successfully or not. If you are looking for a solution to drive the worries, just apply this method it may reduce your anxiety or worry at a greater extent. Write down your worries on a piece of paper and keep it in the drawer. Let it be there for weeks. After few weeks, open your drawer and see the paper. As the time passes, you will realize that the matter which was worrying was you is like a blown out of proportion of your imagination. Time solves a lot of things, it will heal the worries of your past and help you become a more relaxed and free minded person. This is the method I have been following and it has really helped me to cope with my stress.

 If you want to know more how to conquer worry, read the book “how to stop worrying and start living” written by famous author – Dale carnegie. It will not only help you solve worries and also teach you basic small important things to stay happy. It’s really worth reading and enlighting experience. Next time if something worries you, take a pen and pour out all the stress in the page. It will definitely make a great difference. Try it! Hope u like the post. Keep smiling and do comment


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