A talk on writing

Every time I start on my word document, the one thing that always excites me is search of a new topic for my blog post or article.  For me, writing is a activity of self realization and discovery to unlock the treasures of knowledge in any stream whether it is movies, sports, technology, games, history, motivation, traveling etc. Frankly speaking, writing is not a easy task as it involves lot of research to first understand the topic thoroughly and then convey it in a simpler as well as engaging manner to the readers. Often times it happens that when a writer begins on writing a new article, he gets stuck up and is unable to produce any single word on the paper or word file. Due to lack of research and understanding of the topic, the writer ends up tearing up his paper with frustration and this tendency has been termed as “Writers block”.  Writers block is just a mental block that is created in our mind due to boredom, lack of curiosity and insufficient analysis on the subject.  Before starting on any fresh assignment of your writing, make sure you that study well on the topic, take down the points by surfing the net or taking reference from books, journals, newspapers, magazines etc. It is very essential to organize the thoughts prior to writing so that you end up presenting your article in proper and logical flow.  Whether it writing a web page or a advertisement article for a brochure, the nature and writing styles will definitely differ, so it is important to make a plan of action for the given task and change the writing style based on the requirement. In writing process, no article is always final in the first take. It takes immense patience and determination for a writer to do endless revisions, rework on single word in his article. Rejections are part of writer’s work so one should accept it as a part of his work and focus to improvise his writing skills. Personally as a writer, I always felt that an individual should write the article of his own interest. Write what you like with your full heart and it will be definitely appreciated by the readers. Always take a keen interest to write on new topics so in this context you will always be refreshed and challenged to present new ideas to your readers.

Some nice ideas to keep your creative thoughts flowing without any interruption –

1) Sea Shores or Beach – Hmmm!!! Imagine the gush of the sea water splashing on the rocks. Wow! Sea shores and beaches are good place to smoothen your mind and inspire you to pour down new ideas on the paper.

2) Restaurants or Cafe – There would be no better destination than a coffee shop or a restaurant to pen down my thoughts. It is a good place to observe the people from various walks of life and note down the thoughts of that moment. Like a hot shot camera, pouring down your ideas on the paper is like capturing the moments in form of words for eternity.

3) Exhibitions or events- Visiting a exhibition on paintings in art galleries is a nice way to boost your creative ideas. Observing various kinds of paintings will give you a new insight and inspiration to pen some really awesome writings.

4) Music – Music is one of the divine gift that God has gifted to human being. Indulge your ears in some really soft, melodious music that will soothe your mind and relax your nerves. You will definitely experience a new change in your mind full of new ideas.

5) Movies – Go to a cinema hall and watch a entertaining movie to your heart. Munch some popcorn and enjoy every single moment of the movie.  Movies can also turn as a booster to spice up your mind with new concepts.

These were some of the ideas that I felt sharing and hope these will prove helpful to writers at some extent. Hope you liked this conversational blog post.