The Legend of Chandrashekhar Azad

 Chandrashekhar Azad
(  23 July 1906-27 Feb 1931)

As his name ‘azad’ indicates freedom, Chandrashekhar Azad remained azad till the last breath of his life fighting with the British policemen at Alfred Park on 27th February 1931.  Chandrashekhar azadji believed that it is essential to have an armed revolutionary movement that will eradicate the British supremacy from India.

Born on 23 July 1906 in Madhya Pradesh, he was the cute, blessed child of his parents Pandit Sitaram Tiwari and Jagrani Devi. Chandrashekhar’s childhood grew up watching the protest marches, inhuman lathi charges made on veteran freedom leaders by Cruel British officials. How could a true Indian tolerate this? Azadji plunged to join the freedom movement with millions of Indians to drive the British Empire who came as traders and enslaved our motherland. In 1921, when the non-cooperation movement was launched, Chandrashekhar actively participated in this protest against the tyrannical Britishers. This incident became the turning point in the life of Chandrashekhar where he was arrested and was punished with 15 lashes. He faced each stroke of the whip remembering motherland and took the oath to remain ‘azad’ forever till his death.

After the withdrawal of non co-operation movement, revolutionary parties were formed by youths with a determination to break the shackles of slavery. Later azad became the member of Hindustan Socialist republic association and continued his action by participating in Kakori Conspiracy and assassination of a cruel police officer Saunders with help of Bhagat singh to avenge the killing of respected leader, lala lajpatrai. Azadji was a role model and an inspiration for Bhagat singh, Raj guru, sukhdev and Jatin das.

Bhagat singh and Batukeshwar Dutt were arrested for hurling bomb in legislative assembly to protest against trade dispute bill and public safety bill. Bhagat singh’s arrest made azadji very upset as he had lost a great fighter in the struggle of freedom. All the attempts to release Bhagat singh turned futile and in this process bhagvati charan vora died in the tragic accident in which bomb exploded in his hand while testing it on the river of Ravi. One by one, Chandrashekhar azad was losing all his followers and this became a testing time which left him isolated in the journey of revolution.

During the year 1931, azad was staying in the Jhansi area of Allahabad. It has been recorded in the historical events that most of the great patriotic personalities lost their lives because of treachery and betrayal. Veerbhadra Tiwari, one of the associates of azad betrayed him by informing all the whereabouts of azad to British police for the greed of money. On 27th February 1931, azad was discussing with one of his colleague, sukhdevraj in Alfred Park, Allahabad regarding further plans. Suddenly, whole Park was surrounded by 80 policemen to capture azad. In the skirmish shootout, azad was fatally wounded in thigh which made his escape difficult. Azad ordered sukhdev raj to escape and preferred to stay fighting alone. Though he was mortally wounded, he fought like a lion shooting many officers from the bullets of his mouser pistol. This encounter continued for 30 minutes and he was left just with one bullet. Azad realized that his arrest was evident but he kept his promise to stay azad even at the last hour of his life. He placed the pistol and fired the last bullet in his head. When Bhagat singh got the news of azadji’s sacrifice, tears flowed down from his eyes as he had lost a great brotherly figure, an inspiration which motivated him to leap in the arena of freedom struggle. Chandrashekhar azad was a braveheart whose revolutionary actions filled terror in minds of British Empire and his efforts were finally paid with the independence of India on 15th August 1947.

Several film makers, stage companies and writers paid tribute to this brarveheart by making movies, stage plays and books retelling the great sacrifice of  a Indian partiot whose efforts went unnoticed in the pages of history. Movies like Rang De Basanti, Shaheed, Legend of Bhagat Singh projected the thrilling revolutionary saga of chandrashekhar azad on silver screen. Alfred park, where azadji laid his life while fighting the britishers was been later known as ‘Azad Park’ and a statue of chandrashekhar azadji is been placed in his memory. Chandrashkehar azadji was a symbol of courage, fearlessness, partiotism who has inspired millions of Indians to shun their lethargyness and peform their duties with responsibility.

                                                                 Statue of Chandrashekhar Azad at Azad Park, Allahabad

The saga of this extraordinary leader will always be remembered and recited to the young generation for endless decades.


The Count of Monte Cristo

The Count of Monte Cristo is the only novel that has been adapted and made into movies several times with a plot of a hero taking vengeance against the villains who caused injustice on him. Sounds like a typical Bollywood movie! If you are looking out for a novel with elements like treachery, betrayal, adventure, revenge, treasures, pirates, then Count of Monte Cristo is the book you can really count on.

Written by Alexandre Dumas, the premise of the story is set in France during the Napoleonic era and the main protagonist of this novel is Edmond Dantes, the merchant sailor who is accused of being a traitor by his arch enemies, Danglars, Fernand and deputy prosecutor, Villefort. As Edmond Dantes is about to wed his soul mate, Mercedes, Edmond is charged of conspiracy and deported to dark dungeon cells of Chateau D;If. Banging the doors of the dark cells crazily, Edmond’s only hope is to see his father and his lady love Mercedes but all his efforts are in vain. After spending 14 years in Chateau D’ If, Edmond Dantes gets a new lease of life in form of prison mate, father faria who trains him in every art and makes him aware of the enemies who were responsible for ruining his life. But misfortune strikes again with the death of father faria and once again Edmond Dantes is left alone. But before dying, Faria claims Edmond as his successor and gives him the clue of a treasure at Monte Cristo. Does Edmond Dantes succeeds in escaping from Chateau D’if? What identity does Edmond adopt to take vengeance on his enemies? Do Edmond and Mercedes unite? Who is count of Monte Cristo? All these breathtaking answers will unfold as you turn on the pages of the classic masterpiece “The Count of Monte Cristo”.

Like 3 Musketeers, Count of Monte Cristo is another popular novel of Alexandre Dumas which has been liked by readers for several generations. If you are looking for historical thrillers, then Count of Monte Cristo lives up to the expectations. Reading novels of Alexandre Dumas gives you a feel of watching an action, adventure Hollywood movies full of thrills. Apart from reading Count of Monte Cristo, I also have enjoyed his other books – 3 Musketeers and Man in the iron mask.  If you enjoy reading this book, you will also like Ivanhoe, King Arthur and Knights of round table, Robinhood, Prisoner of Zenda.

Come, live the adventure with Count of Monte Cristo.

Benefits of Prewriting

Looking at the heading one must be wondering what prewriting is? Is it a technology? Does it have any enchanting charm?

Prewriting is neither a technology nor a magic, it is a process where we start writing our ideas roughly  before we actually begin to work writing on any article, blog post, poem, thesis, script, lyrics etc. Prewriting enables a writer to release his mindset from the writers block and embark on writing instantly on any single topic concerned to his likes.

In my previous blog posts, I had written adequate content on writers block – a mindset where a writer is unable to pour out creative ideas on his manual or the word document.

If you are a writer struggling with writers block, then prewriting is a process that will drive out all the stress and fuss from your mind and infuse positive vibes in your veins to write out your thoughts and ideas and convey it to the world. After all ” An Idea can change your life” :)

If you are writing on a complete new topic and falling  short of words and creativity then instead of staring at  blank page open a new word document and start writing on the topic close to your heart . Keep on writing for at least 30 minutes and fill the document with your words, phrases, anecdotes, songs, poems whatever comes spontaneously to  your mind.  After a gap of 30 minutes, you will feel a new potential coming in your mind and you won’t feel that blockage which was preventing you from writing your imagination. Once you have pre-written your ideas, come back to your original work. Research, take notes from books, Internet. Make a action plan on what you are going to write and in which style you want to present it to your audience. Once the plan of action is ready, you are all set to create a new world with your writing. Prewriting actually develops a enthusiasm in writer’s mind to generate new ideas, words and concept in his article.

Like a guitarist who plays his guitar regularly to get a hold on various strings, similarly for a writer it is very essential to write everyday to get a hold on vocabulary, grammar, writing style, punctuation, format.

In my writing experiences, I have noticed that even if I skip writing for a single day the flaw reflects in terms of grammar, spellings or punctuation. Hence I always take care to write everyday on various topics of my interest on personal blogs or diary. I got the idea of prewriting from a website called which focuses on various aspects of writing. It was recommended by one of my friend and so if you have a passion towards writing, then definitely have a visit of it. It’s worth your time.

So next time you are lacking of ideas and confidence while writing, just prewrite and experience a transformation in your writing skills. Prewiting really works ! .

Why I love writing

“To every action, there is equal and opposite reaction” – Newton’s Law of motion”

My passion and dedication towards my writing dates back to childhood where I preferred staying in company of books, instead of participating in sports activities. The above statement of Newton’s law of motion applies so perfectly on me that it is action of reading that actually cultivated a interest in me to write my thoughts on notepad and diaries. Filling diaries with description of my daily activities imbibed a curiosity in me to explain the events of my life in a more creative manner. The turning point came in my life when I read Mark Twain’s book – Adventures of Tom Sawyer and this is where I got the motivation to enter in the profession of writing. Initially I used to write for myself, but writing for websites, blogs became a responsibility for me to convey my ideas with accurate information to the readers. Many people find writing as a dull activity and consider a writer as a sober person.  I totally disagree with this cliched thinking because first of all writing is not a dull process, it is one of the most challenging task where a writer has to apply all his imagination, experience, expertise and knowledge in the content he is writing. After a hundreds of rejections, a writer becomes successful in publishing his ideas to the readers. Secondly, a writer is not a sober person as people assume. Writer is an individual who is intellect in every field as his eyes scan through various streams of information which may be fiction, non fiction, technology, finance, manufacturing, lifestyle, fashion, entertainment, sports etc.  Writing is most integral part of media because it plays a pivotal role to circulate news to millions of readers 24×7 without fail.

Inspirations come in various forms and I got the inspirations from renowned writers like Lee Falk, Louisa May Alcott, Jane Austen, Alexandre Dumas, Jules Vernes, Thomas Hardy, Emily Bronte, H.G.Wells, Robert Louis Stevenson, Rabindranath Tagore, Kate Douglas Wiggins etc.  Writing my ideas through blog is a tribute to the great eminent writers who entertained and gave a new dimension to my thinking. As I always said and keep on saying that “writing is a process of self discovery” so once you get deeper into writing, you will find a new person in yourself who had hidden talents within him which is yet to be shown to the world.  No matter how frustrated, tired or discouraged I may be, the excitement to write a fresh idea compels me to move my fingers faster on keyboard and it doesn’t stop until it is published online. Getting a comment from the readers on a article is a indication of his hard work and dedication being paid off. I can’t describe the happiness in words which I get after receiving a comment from readers, even if it is a one word comment. I respect and appreciate the time and patience that the reader took to read my article and give his suggestion in form of criticism or appreciation. The journey to quest of perfect writing has just started and I  am hoping to overcome my flaws and prove that passion for writing is more bigger than any other award.


Mark Twain’s Tom sawyer- Truely a classic!!!!

Novel : Adventures of Tom Sawyer
Author: Mark Twain

Frankly saying, I can’t stay without books. Whenever I rest, work or travel I always make sure to see that I have a book or at least a newspaper to feed my mind with information. My hobby of reading books evolved into writing and I owe this favor to the literary classic masterpiece – Tom sawyer written by Mark Twain. Tom is the character every person can identify with and I feel personally connected with it. Tom sawyer is an orphan innocent boy who stays with his aunt Polly and his brother Sid. Accompanied by his friend, Huckleberry Finn, Tom sets on an endless adventurous journey full of thrills, fun, love and togetherness. Especially for book lovers, Tom Sawyer is a must read who are wishing to revisit their childhood days and refresh their memories. Tom Sawyer written by Mark Twain has entertained millions of readers for generations with  humor and lively youth content. Mark Twain’s work has been a beacon which motivated many writers to roll out youthful classics to readers. It is this book that motivated me to enter the world of writing and express my thoughts to innumerable readers. Every character is memorable in this book whether it is the mischievous, shabby Huckleberry fin or the bubbly Becky Thatcher.  If you read “Tom Sawyer”, you will also like its sequel – Adventures of Huckleberry Finn where Huck and Tom again move to a new adventure to free a negro slave.  It’s a delightful adventure novel for every age and reading this book takes you back to your own childhood days.  Captains Courageous, Oliver Twist, Kidnapped, Rebecca of Sunny brook farm are novels  targeted to children and are worth reading. I highly recommend these books.

Visit a bookstore and buy this classic written by Mark Twain. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. It is ought to bring a smile on your face. Hope you will like this post.

Happy reading
Prashant Badiger

Advantages of Blog writing

Blog writing is the new age writing process that has captivated many online masses around the globe. Blogs provide you the platform to speak out your mind on the topics that interest you and share it among the millions of readers. Suppose if you are a musician, yearning to give out information on various musical instruments and its learning, blog is definitely the best place to pen down your thoughts. Personally as a writer, I have realized that more you write , you unconsciously discover a new person in you which allows you to unlock the new skill set in yourself. Blogging not only helps you impart information to your readers, but it also helps improvise your writing skills and enables you to expand your social network through the readers.

Blog is like a virtual diary where you can freely comment on your experiences, favorite holiday spots, movies, sports anything you want to tell about yourself. Along with websites, many companies, famous personalities use blog as a medium to interact with people through their articles. Blogging helps you to evaluate your skills in becoming a proper listener, reader and develops a curiosity to new learn things.

At many instance I found my friends describing ‘writing’ as a tedious process, but in fact writing is one of the most challenging, creative process where every word in a sentence can trigger a sense of encouragement, inspiration, revolution in the lazy minds and compel them to take action. Had eminent writers like Mark Twain, Rudyard Kipling, Jane Austen thought in the same way, we wouldn’t have been fortunate to enjoy their literary masterpieces. Blogging is not just confined to writing, you can even publish your artwork, photographs, poems and post videos. Isn’t that great! You may never know, you work may be noticed and appreciated by people and lead you to new opportunities.

Especially if you are a writer suffering from writers block, blog is definitely a refreshing medium to pen down your thoughts randomly without any restrictions. There are millions of websites that offer free blogs, so you just have to register to that website and within minutes you are ready to publish your views on your blog platform. For me posting a new blog is like releasing a new blockbuster movie full of interactive ideas, emotions, action and melodious music. No matter how poor you write, just roll up your sleeves and start moving your fingers around the keyboard and pour all your imagination within the post.

Happy Blogging 🙂 🙂

Selecting books wisely

“A person’s character is determined by the books he reads”

How truly said! Books have their impact and influence on the reader in both good and bad ways. If a person reads cheap thrillers full of sensational and erotic content, it develops a sense of suspicion, fear, uncertainty and cruelty in his mind. On the other hand a man perceives great knowledge, information and becomes intellectual under the solace of knowledgeable books filled with courage, compassion, kindness, adventure, inspiration and motivation. It all depends on the choice of the reader whether he wants to read a inspirational classic or a low grade novel full of vulgarities.

I am very fortunate to have got companionship of books written by outstanding writers like Mark Twain, Louisa May Alcott, Thomas Hardy, Alexandre Dumas, Jules Vernes, Emily Bronte, Kate Douglas Wiggins, Jane Austen, Stephen Crane, H.G.Wells, Robert Louis Stevenson and more. The readings of this books not only introduced me to the American background, its era but also made me familiar with the distinct writing styles, genres, subjects and their perception towards their work. If Mark Twain specialized writing humor and wit, Alexandre Dumas was skilled in writing historical adventure stories and H.G. Wells focused on sci-fi stuff. Every author had his own likings and the experiences of his life clearly reflected in his writing. Whether it is Tom Sawyer, Edmond Dantes, HeathCliff, Rebecca Rowenna Randall, Huckleberry Finn, Captain Nemo or Viktor Frankenstein, all the characters from various novels have become well known worldwide.

Through the characters, backdrop and its plot, the writer tries to bring his thoughts to life on the pages of his novel which entertain, educate and inspire the reader. Readings of masterpieces have made a enormous impact on me and motivated me to be a part of the writing world. Someday I Imagine that I will succeed in writing at least one novel which have memorable characters, a great storyline which will be remembered and read by people for endless generations. If you are fond of reading, buy a good book which will not only entertains but also show you true meaning of life. Hope you will like this post