Jay Kanhaiyalal ki!!!!

What comes in everyone’s mind when one glances on a portrait of a dark boy with flute in his hand and a peacock feather on his crown? He has several names, some call him Gopal, girdhar, vitthala, keshava, madhusudan and pandhari and he is none other than the holy god – Krishna who who graced the earth with his holy presence.

Lord Vishnu incarnated on the earth as son of vasudev and yashoda to free mankind from cruel atrocities of his uncle, Kamsa.  Lord Krishna’s divinity is so great that it has been retold and praised about his “Leela” through the medium of shlokas, poems, bhajans, abhang  for generations by several renowned devotees like Mirabai, Soordas, Chokhamela, Dnyaneshwar, Tukaram, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. He played multiple roles, sometimes as a a cowherd of Gokul, lover of radha, slayer of demons, king of Dwarka, friend of Pandavas and the charioteer conveying the teachings of Gita to Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra. Whatever roles he played, no was left untouched by his blessings.

The perception of devotees vary according to their vision as they visualize Krishna as the divine kid, lover, avatara and supreme almighty. For me, Lord Krishna is not just the god, but also my brother, friend, mentor and guardian who guides me at every instance of life showing me the right path to wisdom. On this Janmashtami, I dedicate this blog post to Lord Krishna praying him to shower us with blessings. Jay Shri Krishna! Jay Shri Hari!


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