Little Women – The great Classic!!!

Novel Title  – Little Women
Author – Louisa May Alcott
Publication Date – 1868

Ratings : * * * * * *
Come, meet the Delightful March sisters! Thoroughly Enjoyable.

One thing that I appreciate about Little women is its sheer simplicity to connect with the readers. Written by Louisa may Alcott, the novel narrates the story of four sisters – March Girls who are totally contrast in their nature. The elder sister Margaret or Meg dreams of luxurious home and amenities for her future while Josephine or Jo, the tomboyish one aspires to make her name in the world of writing. Beth is shy and homesick while Amy is outspoken showing a fondness towards art.

The novel starts with the four sisters discussing about Christmas plans and when they receive the letter that their father cannot come this christmas as he is serving in the civil war, the news really upsets March Sisters. In absence of their father, Marmee the mother takes the responsibility in upbringing the children with moral ethics, values and culture. Marmee suggests Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy to provide their breakfast as a christmas gift to the poor children staying in neighborhood. March sisters happily offer their breakfast to the poor children and turn the christmas event as one of the most memorable day in their life they would ever forget.

Laurie is another character who is memorable in this novel. Laurie stays with his grandfather alone in a big mansion without any friends for company. The march sisters befriend Laurie and develop a long lasting relationship which further continues in the novel. After Meg gets married to Mr.Brooke, the tutor of Laurie, the circumstances turn adverse when Jo leaves for New York to pursue her dreams to become writer and Beth gets fatally sick with scarlet fever after serving children affecting from the disease. Even Laurie’s dreams of marrying Jo are shattered when Jo rejects the proposal. Does Jo fulfills her dream of becoming a writer? Does Beth recover from the scarlet fever? What happens to Laurie? Do Jo and Laurie Unite? You will get all these answers as you start reading the novel “Little Women”.  Written  in a very light hearted manner, it’s a coming of age, warm story without any melodrama.

I have read Little Women thrice, but every time I read I discovered some new aspects in the book. When I had picked this novel from bookstore, I assumed it to be similar to Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice. I mostly don’t read novels with feminine background.

A rare picture of  Louisa May Alcott
American Novelist – (November 29, 1832 – March 6, 1888)
Literary works – Little Women, Under the Lilacs, Little Men,  Eight Cousins, An Old fashioned girl, Jo’s Boys

But after reading I discovered that it was more excellent and very different from Pride and Prejudice. Little women is about friendship, family, feminine spirit and courage to achieve dreams. The bonding between Beth and Jo is narrated very beautifully and is exceptionally touching when both sisters share their sorrows and happiness in the testing times.

Claire Danes as Beth and Winona Ryder as Jo in Movie Little Women


The incidents in Little Women are the experiences of Louisa’s childhood, her sisters and her fondness towards writing. Other characters like Mr.Brooke, Fredrich Bhaer, Aunt march, Mr. James Laurence (grandfather of Laurie)  are also memorable in this novel.

Scene from the Hollywood movie Little Women (1994)

Little Women has been made into motion picture in 1994 where Winona Ryder played the role of Josephine while Susan Sarandon essayed the part of Marmee March, Claire Danes portrayed the role of Beth and Christian Bale portrayed his role perfectly as Laurie.  If you like ‘Little Women’, also have a look at some refreshing old american classics like Anne of Green Gables, Pollyanna, Hans Brinker, Little Princess, Daddy Long legs, Secret Garden and Rebecca of SunnyBrookfarm. Present these books to your children and cultivate a habit of good reading in their mind. After all books are the best friends 🙂

It is one of my favorites I always and highly recommend it to my friends. Grab the copy of Little Women, it will definitely cheer you up.

Happy Reading
Prashant Badiger


2 Replies to “Little Women – The great Classic!!!”

  1. How interesting that you also thought of Pride & Prejudice in your review! I did love Little Women as you well know and it’s wonderful to see others share the love of the classics as I do…

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