Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm – An awesome classic!

Novel Title – Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
Author – Kate Douglas Wiggins
Date of Publication – 1903

Ratings – * * * * *  Outstanding, Highly recommendable

Cheerful, witty, refreshing, inspiring, awesome……. Even if I fill this blog post with million of words appreciating the warmness of the novel- Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, the words will fall short.  Such is the charm of the American classic ‘Rebecca of Sunnybrook farm’ that it has entertained countless readers of all ages for several generations. Written by Kate Douglas Wiggins, this novel focuses on the journey of a girl who must adjust to every unfavorable circumstances and follow her dreams to become a educated, independent woman.

The novel begins with journey of Rebecca Rowen Randall on stage coach to Riverboro where she is going to live a new lifestyle burdened with disappointments and accustom herself to discipline and rudeness of her aunt Miranda Sawyer. The lightful conversation between Rebecca and the stage coach driver Jeremiah Cobb takes place where she tells about her family and her farm which she lovingly calls ” Sunnybrook”. After reaching Riverboro, Rebecca is given a very cold welcome by her Aunt. As the story progresses, Rebecaa is taunted and criticised many times by her aunt Miranda who wants her to be disciplined. Facing the odd circumstances, Rebecca pursues her education and in no time succeeds in winning the hearts of her teachers.

On one hand, Rebecca has to confront the harsh nature of her aunt Miranda, but on the other side she gets a good guidance from her elderly friend Jeremiah Cobb who motivates her to stay in Riverboro so that she gets a proper education. Rebecca sees the bright side and determines to achieve her ambitions so that once she grows she can shoulder the responsibility of the family which is burdened by debt. Even though Miranda Sawyer is strict towards Rebecca, she cares to see that Rebecca gets all the privileges for her education.  Does Rebecca succeeds in winning the heart of her aunt Miranda? What happens to Miranda Sawyer? Who is Adam Ladd and what role he plays in upbringing Rebecca’s dreams to reality? Turn on the pages and discover the inspiring, unforgettable saga of a girl for whom her ambition is everything.

Rebecca’s life is surrounded by many other characters like  her mother Aurelia Randall,Hannah her sister, aunt Jane Sawyer, Emma Jane Perkins her friend, Adam Ladd the  businessman and Jeremiah Cobb the stage coach carrier who shows her the right direction to achieve her dreams.

The experience of reading Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm is very delightful as if you are seeing a refreshing Hollywood movie filled with youthfulness, love, hope, friendship and courage to achieve the dreams. I wish someday  a new motion picture will be made on this novel with a great star cast like Meryl Streep playing role of Miranda , Anna Hathaway as Rebecca and Robin Williams as Jeremiah Cobb. If you enjoy reading this novel, also read other great stories like Heidi, Captains Courageous, Little Women, Huckleberry Fin.

Though the novel is targeted towards girls,  this novel can enjoyed by readers of all ages. Gift this book to your .daughter and Rebbecca’s cuteness, jovial nature will definitely touch your daughter’s heart

Come meet the wonderful world of Rebecca 🙂



3 Replies to “Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm – An awesome classic!”

  1. Writing a review is not a cakewalk. It requires a thorough study about the novel one is writing. Before working on this blog post of Rebecca, I had already read the novel twice and completed reading it third time. More one reads, more it gives a clear gist about the story. I am commenting on my blog post for the first time and I am keen to get sweet and bitter feedback on the content I have written. This blog post is a tribute to the great writer Kate Douglas Wiggins who wrote this masterpiece.

  2. Award winning blog post which unveiled my talent to millions of readers and gave a edge to my writing profession. The success of Rebecca’s blog is proof of my readers admiration towards my work and a hope for me to keep my work consistently no matter even if I don’t get any comment. I thank God from the bottom of my heart to cultivate the skill of writing in me without which this blog wouldn’t have got so much appreciation.

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