Jay ho Ganesha!!!

Jay Mangalmurthi Shri Ganesh,

Down the memory lane, If I review my life journey, it was really a roller coaster full of up and downs, success and failures, rejections and selections etc. In all this hustle, the one name that gives me divine peace to stabilize, regain potential to fight adversities and that holy name is of  Shri Ganesha.What I would have been without him? Since I acquired my spiritual consciousness towards my god Ganesha,  it has showered  me with immense divine energy to get a sound education and prosper successfully as a content writer. The greatness of Sri Ganesha is so  enormous that I fall short of words to sing his praise and I pray  him to empower me with his holy blessings. “Ganesh Chaturthi” has a very special place in my heart as I celebrate the festival with great pomp and enthusiasm.

During the 80’s, Our family used to reside in a small residential area called Kisan Nagar in Thane.On the first day of ganesh chaturthi, all the people  used to gather at the house of our building owner, who used to bring ganesha idol every year. Right from performing aarti of Ganesha Idol to relishing sweet modaks and paying visits to Ganesha idols all over the town, I used to participate in every moment with great zest.

On the last day of anant chaturdarshi, all the people used to go to lake and immerse ganesha idol in the water wishing – ‘ganpati bappa morya pudhchya varshi lavkar yaa’.Tears used to flow out of my eyes as I would see the idol of Ganesha immersing in water as he stayed with us for ten days and bestowed us with his holy presence.The ten days of ganesh chaturthi used to pass off in great happiness, devotion and prosperity. With every coming year, I pray to Ganesha that even if I forget him for a single minute, please punish me because my existence is nothing without your grace. It’s your blessing that has given me the power to withstand every negative forces in my life and emerge as a winner. He is my guardian, brother, mother, father and above all a great divine friend who knows all about my feelings even if I don’t express it.  It’s a great privilege to express my feelings for my God through this blog post. If you like expressing your devotion towards Ganesha, please post your comment at this blog post. I would be eager to make it a part of my worship. May God Ganesha bless us all.

Jay Ho Ganesha


3 Replies to “Jay ho Ganesha!!!”

  1. Speechless!!!! Is my blog post so great that it compels a reader to pen down his comments, then my mission of becoming writer is accomplished. Words make a lot of impact, they definitely do. They touch the strings of heart. Hope I bring more soulfulness in my writing so that it directly connects with the reader. Thanks for the comment, even it is one word.

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