Selecting books wisely

“A person’s character is determined by the books he reads”

How truly said! Books have their impact and influence on the reader in both good and bad ways. If a person reads cheap thrillers full of sensational and erotic content, it develops a sense of suspicion, fear, uncertainty and cruelty in his mind. On the other hand a man perceives great knowledge, information and becomes intellectual under the solace of knowledgeable books filled with courage, compassion, kindness, adventure, inspiration and motivation. It all depends on the choice of the reader whether he wants to read a inspirational classic or a low grade novel full of vulgarities.

I am very fortunate to have got companionship of books written by outstanding writers like Mark Twain, Louisa May Alcott, Thomas Hardy, Alexandre Dumas, Jules Vernes, Emily Bronte, Kate Douglas Wiggins, Jane Austen, Stephen Crane, H.G.Wells, Robert Louis Stevenson and more. The readings of this books not only introduced me to the American background, its era but also made me familiar with the distinct writing styles, genres, subjects and their perception towards their work. If Mark Twain specialized writing humor and wit, Alexandre Dumas was skilled in writing historical adventure stories and H.G. Wells focused on sci-fi stuff. Every author had his own likings and the experiences of his life clearly reflected in his writing. Whether it is Tom Sawyer, Edmond Dantes, HeathCliff, Rebecca Rowenna Randall, Huckleberry Finn, Captain Nemo or Viktor Frankenstein, all the characters from various novels have become well known worldwide.

Through the characters, backdrop and its plot, the writer tries to bring his thoughts to life on the pages of his novel which entertain, educate and inspire the reader. Readings of masterpieces have made a enormous impact on me and motivated me to be a part of the writing world. Someday I Imagine that I will succeed in writing at least one novel which have memorable characters, a great storyline which will be remembered and read by people for endless generations. If you are fond of reading, buy a good book which will not only entertains but also show you true meaning of life. Hope you will like this post


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