Advantages of Blog writing

Blog writing is the new age writing process that has captivated many online masses around the globe. Blogs provide you the platform to speak out your mind on the topics that interest you and share it among the millions of readers. Suppose if you are a musician, yearning to give out information on various musical instruments and its learning, blog is definitely the best place to pen down your thoughts. Personally as a writer, I have realized that more you write , you unconsciously discover a new person in you which allows you to unlock the new skill set in yourself. Blogging not only helps you impart information to your readers, but it also helps improvise your writing skills and enables you to expand your social network through the readers.

Blog is like a virtual diary where you can freely comment on your experiences, favorite holiday spots, movies, sports anything you want to tell about yourself. Along with websites, many companies, famous personalities use blog as a medium to interact with people through their articles. Blogging helps you to evaluate your skills in becoming a proper listener, reader and develops a curiosity to new learn things.

At many instance I found my friends describing ‘writing’ as a tedious process, but in fact writing is one of the most challenging, creative process where every word in a sentence can trigger a sense of encouragement, inspiration, revolution in the lazy minds and compel them to take action. Had eminent writers like Mark Twain, Rudyard Kipling, Jane Austen thought in the same way, we wouldn’t have been fortunate to enjoy their literary masterpieces. Blogging is not just confined to writing, you can even publish your artwork, photographs, poems and post videos. Isn’t that great! You may never know, you work may be noticed and appreciated by people and lead you to new opportunities.

Especially if you are a writer suffering from writers block, blog is definitely a refreshing medium to pen down your thoughts randomly without any restrictions. There are millions of websites that offer free blogs, so you just have to register to that website and within minutes you are ready to publish your views on your blog platform. For me posting a new blog is like releasing a new blockbuster movie full of interactive ideas, emotions, action and melodious music. No matter how poor you write, just roll up your sleeves and start moving your fingers around the keyboard and pour all your imagination within the post.

Happy Blogging 🙂 🙂


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