Why I love writing

“To every action, there is equal and opposite reaction” – Newton’s Law of motion”

My passion and dedication towards my writing dates back to childhood where I preferred staying in company of books, instead of participating in sports activities. The above statement of Newton’s law of motion applies so perfectly on me that it is action of reading that actually cultivated a interest in me to write my thoughts on notepad and diaries. Filling diaries with description of my daily activities imbibed a curiosity in me to explain the events of my life in a more creative manner. The turning point came in my life when I read Mark Twain’s book – Adventures of Tom Sawyer and this is where I got the motivation to enter in the profession of writing. Initially I used to write for myself, but writing for websites, blogs became a responsibility for me to convey my ideas with accurate information to the readers. Many people find writing as a dull activity and consider a writer as a sober person.  I totally disagree with this cliched thinking because first of all writing is not a dull process, it is one of the most challenging task where a writer has to apply all his imagination, experience, expertise and knowledge in the content he is writing. After a hundreds of rejections, a writer becomes successful in publishing his ideas to the readers. Secondly, a writer is not a sober person as people assume. Writer is an individual who is intellect in every field as his eyes scan through various streams of information which may be fiction, non fiction, technology, finance, manufacturing, lifestyle, fashion, entertainment, sports etc.  Writing is most integral part of media because it plays a pivotal role to circulate news to millions of readers 24×7 without fail.

Inspirations come in various forms and I got the inspirations from renowned writers like Lee Falk, Louisa May Alcott, Jane Austen, Alexandre Dumas, Jules Vernes, Thomas Hardy, Emily Bronte, H.G.Wells, Robert Louis Stevenson, Rabindranath Tagore, Kate Douglas Wiggins etc.  Writing my ideas through blog is a tribute to the great eminent writers who entertained and gave a new dimension to my thinking. As I always said and keep on saying that “writing is a process of self discovery” so once you get deeper into writing, you will find a new person in yourself who had hidden talents within him which is yet to be shown to the world.  No matter how frustrated, tired or discouraged I may be, the excitement to write a fresh idea compels me to move my fingers faster on keyboard and it doesn’t stop until it is published online. Getting a comment from the readers on a article is a indication of his hard work and dedication being paid off. I can’t describe the happiness in words which I get after receiving a comment from readers, even if it is a one word comment. I respect and appreciate the time and patience that the reader took to read my article and give his suggestion in form of criticism or appreciation. The journey to quest of perfect writing has just started and I  am hoping to overcome my flaws and prove that passion for writing is more bigger than any other award.



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