Benefits of Prewriting

Looking at the heading one must be wondering what prewriting is? Is it a technology? Does it have any enchanting charm?

Prewriting is neither a technology nor a magic, it is a process where we start writing our ideas roughly  before we actually begin to work writing on any article, blog post, poem, thesis, script, lyrics etc. Prewriting enables a writer to release his mindset from the writers block and embark on writing instantly on any single topic concerned to his likes.

In my previous blog posts, I had written adequate content on writers block – a mindset where a writer is unable to pour out creative ideas on his manual or the word document.

If you are a writer struggling with writers block, then prewriting is a process that will drive out all the stress and fuss from your mind and infuse positive vibes in your veins to write out your thoughts and ideas and convey it to the world. After all ” An Idea can change your life” :)

If you are writing on a complete new topic and falling  short of words and creativity then instead of staring at  blank page open a new word document and start writing on the topic close to your heart . Keep on writing for at least 30 minutes and fill the document with your words, phrases, anecdotes, songs, poems whatever comes spontaneously to  your mind.  After a gap of 30 minutes, you will feel a new potential coming in your mind and you won’t feel that blockage which was preventing you from writing your imagination. Once you have pre-written your ideas, come back to your original work. Research, take notes from books, Internet. Make a action plan on what you are going to write and in which style you want to present it to your audience. Once the plan of action is ready, you are all set to create a new world with your writing. Prewriting actually develops a enthusiasm in writer’s mind to generate new ideas, words and concept in his article.

Like a guitarist who plays his guitar regularly to get a hold on various strings, similarly for a writer it is very essential to write everyday to get a hold on vocabulary, grammar, writing style, punctuation, format.

In my writing experiences, I have noticed that even if I skip writing for a single day the flaw reflects in terms of grammar, spellings or punctuation. Hence I always take care to write everyday on various topics of my interest on personal blogs or diary. I got the idea of prewriting from a website called which focuses on various aspects of writing. It was recommended by one of my friend and so if you have a passion towards writing, then definitely have a visit of it. It’s worth your time.

So next time you are lacking of ideas and confidence while writing, just prewrite and experience a transformation in your writing skills. Prewiting really works ! .


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