The Count of Monte Cristo

The Count of Monte Cristo is the only novel that has been adapted and made into movies several times with a plot of a hero taking vengeance against the villains who caused injustice on him. Sounds like a typical Bollywood movie! If you are looking out for a novel with elements like treachery, betrayal, adventure, revenge, treasures, pirates, then Count of Monte Cristo is the book you can really count on.

Written by Alexandre Dumas, the premise of the story is set in France during the Napoleonic era and the main protagonist of this novel is Edmond Dantes, the merchant sailor who is accused of being a traitor by his arch enemies, Danglars, Fernand and deputy prosecutor, Villefort. As Edmond Dantes is about to wed his soul mate, Mercedes, Edmond is charged of conspiracy and deported to dark dungeon cells of Chateau D;If. Banging the doors of the dark cells crazily, Edmond’s only hope is to see his father and his lady love Mercedes but all his efforts are in vain. After spending 14 years in Chateau D’ If, Edmond Dantes gets a new lease of life in form of prison mate, father faria who trains him in every art and makes him aware of the enemies who were responsible for ruining his life. But misfortune strikes again with the death of father faria and once again Edmond Dantes is left alone. But before dying, Faria claims Edmond as his successor and gives him the clue of a treasure at Monte Cristo. Does Edmond Dantes succeeds in escaping from Chateau D’if? What identity does Edmond adopt to take vengeance on his enemies? Do Edmond and Mercedes unite? Who is count of Monte Cristo? All these breathtaking answers will unfold as you turn on the pages of the classic masterpiece “The Count of Monte Cristo”.

Like 3 Musketeers, Count of Monte Cristo is another popular novel of Alexandre Dumas which has been liked by readers for several generations. If you are looking for historical thrillers, then Count of Monte Cristo lives up to the expectations. Reading novels of Alexandre Dumas gives you a feel of watching an action, adventure Hollywood movies full of thrills. Apart from reading Count of Monte Cristo, I also have enjoyed his other books – 3 Musketeers and Man in the iron mask.  If you enjoy reading this book, you will also like Ivanhoe, King Arthur and Knights of round table, Robinhood, Prisoner of Zenda.

Come, live the adventure with Count of Monte Cristo.


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