Significance of a Logo

I happened to gaze at the logo of  popular soft drink company – Coca Cola. Wow! What a great creativity has been used in this logo! What a universal appeal it has! I guess there is no better way than a logo to achieve brand recognition and success. In my day -to-day life my eyes scan through thousands of logos everyday, but only the unconventional and unique logo stays memorable in  my mind. What is the strategy the company might have used to make its brand popular? Simplicity! More the simpler your logo is, more clearly your brand message is conveyed. Nice na! I don’t just talk about Coca Cola, take the example of various other renowned companies – Yahoo, Microsoft, Lee, Adidas, Sony, these all companies have preferred to keep a simple logo to win their audience. One of my friend working in a creative firm in Virginia feels that logo is most essential object for anyone, be it a large company, service provider or a local cafe shop. Identity is most essential element of our life, without which we are anonymous without any credibility. As a name is identity for us, similarly logo is a badge or a image that gives a recognition to the company and helps to increase its popularity in the market. If I am not wrong, in the earlier times companies used crests to make their product identified. But there are people who argue telling that “ logo is not essential for business.” I agree that logo may be not important for business, but what will happen if their product and services won’t get the desired exposure as expected. Obviously, customers won’t adapt any product or service if it doesn’t have any identity.

Being a creative professional, I advocate the importance of logo. We do need a logo. How will we reach our audience unless we have a professional identity. While  getting a logo created, it is very essential for the company to analyze the audience and then make up their mind to get a logo designed that will appeal their audience. When I undertake a logo design project, I care to understand their needs and see to that their product is clearly appearing in the logo. If you are a company selling chocolates, just don’t stress on to make your logo attractive, you also got to see that your company’s name and image is appearing on the logo. Personally I feel that, your logo should be complimentary to your business I.e no matter even if it is  not appealing, it should be pleasing and leave a memorable impression in minds of your audience.  Such a great flexibility a logo has that., you can easily apply the logo on multiple mediums like brochures, website, banners and increase your business presence. Along with this, I also feel important to suggest that your logo needs to be copyrighted so that it is is not misused by any of your competitor or any unknown entity. Bring your business closer to your world with a visually engaging logo and make your desired mark! Get your logo created now! Hope friends, you like this refreshing article on logo. Do comment, Iam eager to know you views and feedbacks.


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