Jay Mata Di

To all the devotees of Mata Durga,

It’s the holy god’s grace which has bestowed me infinite potential to handle rejections and come out as a successful writer in the industry. Following the successful response of blog posts on Janmashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi, this time I am dedicating this article to divine goddess Jagadamba who is the mother of this eternal universe.  Be it mother Saraswati, Mata Lakshmi or mother parvati, the three goddesses are unified power and avatars of Mata Bhagvati. Just as Mata Kali’s blessings gave a new dimension to life of Kalidasa, similarly I feel privileged to be empowered by her divine boon which she has gifted me in form of writing.  Hope this Navratri, Goddess Shakti bestows us with power of knowledge, strength and prosperity in  life.

Jay Mata Sherawali


2 Replies to “Jay Mata Di”

  1. Firstly, Happy Navratri’s to you and your loved ones. It’s really a commendable effort that you come up with a blog on Navratri at the outset of festival even after an excrutiating work timings.

    While reading this i came across an spritual article which i am going to share with you. However these days, Navratri is being observed in an antiquated, traditionalistic and ritualistic way only people think that it is just about fasting for nine days, eating vegetarian food and abstaining from alcohol. But this is not the essence of Navratri. The mysterious, abstruse significance can only be fathomed by the one for whom the virtuous way of living is not restricted only to Navratri but is adopted for an entire lifetime.

    Mata is individually known as Durga, Kali, Saraswati, and Lakshmi the goddesses simply represent different forms of Shakti, the primordial cosmic energy, the divine feminine creative power.Ancient sages have narrated the union of Shiva with Shakti. Shakti represents primordial cosmic energy responsible for the processes of creation and destruction that occur unceasingly. The foundation of Shiva is the all-pervading Supreme Consciousness, without which even Shakti cannot function. The great sages named this primordial cosmic energy as Devi the one who creates, preserves and destroys.The all-pervasive primordial cosmic energy is present even in the human body, where it is referred to as the kundalini, dormant in the mooladhara chakra situated in the subtle body.This is symbolised by a red coloured inverted triangle. As long as this energy remains dormant, human life cannot evolve and attain greater heights.Yoga, especially raja yoga, chakra yoga, detail the various practices required to awaken this dormant energy. While primordial energy resides in the mooladhara chakra, Shiva resides in the sahasrara chakra at the top of the head. Until and unless a union takes place between Shakti and Shiva, human life lacks spiritual awakening. In most, this union does not occur in their lifetime and they live at a very low level of consciousness.The transformation that happens in a persons life when the kundalini gets awakened is phenomenal. It is as though the perishable mortal body metamorphoses into the form of Shiva.

    Science differentiates between matter and energy. However, tantra regards them as one; matter as gross form of energy and energy as the subtle form of matter. The divine essence of this energy is called Shakti. One cannot attain spiritual evolution without the presence of Shakti. As long as this energy is not awakened and remains dormant, a human life remains incomplete. If one lives in fear, perpetually seeking sensual gratification, sleep and lethargy despite having a human body, it is then indeed, a low level of existence.

    It is for the awakening of this very energy that ancient sages described this spiritual practice and worship for a period of nine days. For all nine days, devotees of Devi observe fasting, perform spiritual practices and rituals and lead a virtuous life. It is perfectly alright to house and worship an idol of Devi Durga. However, as long as you dont make the effort to awaken the inner primordial cosmic energy, you will be unable to comprehend the profound spiritual significance of Navratri.Shakti and Shiva are incomplete without each other. This implies that unless the Shakti inherent within you is awakened, until it ascends upwards piercing all chakras and merges with Shiva at the sahasrara, Shakti cannot be the source of bliss and wisdom.The nine days of Navratri is an opportunity to perform and observe spiritual practices for awakening of Shakti. However if you continue with your entire lifes pursuit being just about sensual gratification and fulfillment of worldly desires, then you havent as yet known the essential nature of Devi Durga.

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