Twenty thousand Leagues under the sea

Novel : Twenty thousand Leagues under the sea
Genre: Sci-Fi/Adventure
Author – Jules Verne

A mysterious submarine has shocked the world, sabotaging several ocean liners. America is on the quest to unmask the mastermind behind this gigantic machinery catastrophe. Pierre Aronnax is assigned the mission to bring this evil to justice and track down the monster sea creature. As Aronnax along with his servant and a harpooner leave on the trail, they are imprisoned 20 thousand leagues under the ocean by an enigmatic captain known as Nemo. Who is Captain Nemo? What are his intentions? What plan does Aronnax makes to escape from this oceanic trap? All these will unfold as you start reading the remarkable, Sci-Fi classic – Twenty thousand leagues under the sea. Filled with thrilling underwater sequences, adventurous escapes, this novel won’t let you blink your eye from start till the finish. The concept of submarine was visualized several years even before the real submarine was made and the experts said ‘Jules had visualized the future’ through Nautilus.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel and found it quite unique, refreshing and full of explosive action. I haven’t seen the 70’s movie which was based on the novel but I hope someday James Cameron will make a newer version of this novel and this would be a visual treat for movie viewers to take a dip 20 thousand leagues under the sea.

If you like 20 thousand leagues under the sea, you will also love other sci-fi classic novels of Jules Verne which are – Journey to the center of the Earth, Around the world in 80 days, Clipper of the clouds. All these novels are not only informative but also entertaining filled with underwater sequences, thrilling escapes, explosive action and unforgettable characters. Highly recommendable, this is one of the great book in literary classics you cannot afford to miss!!


2 Replies to “Twenty thousand Leagues under the sea”

  1. Hey Prashant!!

    Its pleasure to follow your blog. You pen down comments very well.
    Today just opened Google & remember ur post on ‘Twenty thousand Leagues under the sea’ by Jules. Its his birthday today..

    Keep inspiring!

    Vaibhavi Bhoirekar

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