Strange case of Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Novel: Strange case of Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
Publication Date: 1886

From the author of ‘Treasure Island’ and ‘Kidnapped’ came out an unforgettable thriller masterpiece ‘Strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’ which showcased the mystery of human psychology. For the first time in history of literature, Stevenson tried to explain the dual personality case through his book.

                                                      Author : Robert Louis Stevenson
                                  Literary works: Strange Case of Dr.Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Kidnapped, Treasure Island

Synopsis of Novel:  The calm and solitary life of Dr Henry Jekyll is suddenly disrupted by arrival of a cruel, dwarf, heinous man named Mr. Hyde who claims to become the successor of Dr.Jekyll after his death. Utterson, a lawyer and friend of Dr. Jekyll is on the pursuit to unravel the true identity of Hyde and his cruel intentions of destroying Henry Jekyll. Through his investigation, Utterson succeeds in foiling the attempts of Hyde and when he comes to laboratory of Dr.Jekyll, and discovers that Dr.Jekyll is missing since many days. Utterson devastates the laboratory to find more clues and comes across the most horrifying revealation – the lifeless corpse of Hyde in laboratory of Henry Jekyll. What is the mysterious relation between Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? Who is the murderer of Hyde? Will the truth be disclosed and what horrifying revelation will come in front of the world? A fast paced, edge of the seat thriller, ‘‘strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’’, is tale of inner conflicts of human being and the unpredictable human nature.

 ‘Strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’ was adapted into several motion pictures and a source of inspiration for thriller novels.The plot of hollywood movie – Mary Reilly was based on Dr Jeykll and Mr.Hyde where John Malkovich portrayed the title role.I was quite surprised by the unusual plot of this novel and especially the shocking climax of the novel. Thumbs up and hats off to the great writer whose book became a great inspiration for several authors to write thriller stories. If you enjoy reading this novel, you will also like H.G.Wells’ masterpiece novel – the invisible man and Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein. Come, expect the unexpected!


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