The unsung heroes

If we carefully turn the pages of history, there are countless of people whose contribution, courage and sacrifice has yet to see the light of the day. History has always been my favorite subject and fascination to discover the stories of the real heroes who laid their lives for sake of humanity.

George mallory was a great mountaineer who breathed his last while climbing mount everest along with his friend Andrew irvine. It is been doubtful whether mallory and irvine had reached mount everest, but their determination is still remembered to this day.

Who hardly knows Edith Evans the young passenger who smilingly gave up her seat to a mother of two children and prefered to stay on titanic. Titanic sank in the sea claiming lives of several passengers along with edith, whose extraordinary courage helped a mother unite with her kids in the hour of crisis. I have already written a blog post on the sacrifice of Edith Evans – titled as Untold story of Edith Evans and trying to collect more data on Edith so that I can include more information on her life in the article.

There are several unsung heroes like Sukhdev, Surya sen, Pritilata wadedar, Kanaklata Barua, Babu ghenu,Bagha Jatin, Khudiram bose whose couragoeus efforts haven’t been shown to the world with full details.

This is a short version blog of this topic , Iam planning to write a full length article which will throw a light on the hidden facts. I want to bring the stories of the unsung heroes in the front of the world so that their tale becomes a inspiration for younger generation. Hope you all like this post and would be eager to know more about extraordinary stories of ordinary people.

Prashant Badiger


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