Batman Begins – Rise of Dark Knight

Movie: Batman Begins
Director: Christopher Nolan
Cast: Christian Bale, Liam Neeson, Morgan Freeman, Katie Holmes, Gary Oldman and Michael Caine
First of all I appreciate the innovative approach of Christopher Nolan in giving a new edge to Batman movie series and giving it a complete makeover in terms of story, screenplay, and direction. Batman Begins is the journey of Bruce Wayne from a Billionaire to a dark knight whose only goal is to end crime from Gotham City. Traumatized by the murder of his parents, Bruce is left alone in the world with only Butler Alfred as his caretaker in Wayne Mansion. Bruce’s biggest fears in his childhood are the bats which come in his dreams and traumatize his mind. Batman travels round the world to understand the psyche of crime and during the journey he meets Henri Ducard who gives him courage to overcome his fear. After several years, Bruce Wayne returns to Gotham city and discovers that Gotham city is terrorized by a gangster Falcone and Scarecrow. To bring evil to justice, Bruce transforms into a new dark crusader named Batman whose only aim is destruction of crime.

Batman succeeds in finishing all the criminal activities of Falcone and gets him arrested. But Batman is unaware of a new adversary who has already arrived in Gotham and has destructive plans to wipe out Gotham city. Who is this deadly adversary what are his intentions? Does Batman succeed in stopping this demolition? Batman Joins forces with Sergeant Gordon, Lucius, Rachael Dawson to stop the destruction and how he succeeds in vanquishing the evil is best to be viewed on silver screen.

   I have seen many actors playing Batman, but in case of Christian Bale, he is a powerhouse performer who infuses a life into the role of Batman/Bruce Wayne. Really a convincing performance indeed! Right from the opening scene of the movie till the climax, Batman Begins keeps you hooked and gives a very important message of overcoming one’s fear. Bruce Wayne’s fear for Bats becomes his power and a horrifying threat for evil. Followed by a superb supporting star cast like Michael Caine as Butler Alfred and Gary Oldman as Sgt Gordon, this movie is really believable and is quite unique from other super hero movies. Go for a thrill ride; trust me this is one of the best Batman movies of all time.


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