Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

Novel: Frankenstein
Author: Mary Shelley
Genre: Horror/Thriller
Publication Date: 1818
Ratings: Excellent, Highly recommendable

Frankenstein: Considered as a best gothic seller for several decades, Mary Shelley’s masterpiece has been adapted into motion pictures several times by Hollywood.

Synopsis: Victor Frankenstein, a scientist creates a monster from mutilated body parts of several corpses with a goal to help human race overcome death and disease. But after seeing his ugly creation, Victor neglects the monster and what follows next is series of gruesome murders committed by monster and the victims are none other than the beloved ones of Victor. Victor is left with no option but to search the monster and stop the heinous actions. Does Victor succeeds in stopping the monster or does he become the next victim of his creation? Right from the first chapter of the novel to its thrilling climax, Frankenstein keeps the readers engrossed and describes the conflict between Victor Frankenstein and his monster with horrifying incidents.

Author – Mary Shelley ( 30 August 1797- 1February 1851)

Frankenstein was adapted into Hollywood motion picture where the role of monster was played by academy award winning actor, Robert Deniro while Kenneth Branagh portrayed the role of Victor Frankenstein. Hollywood Director Stephen Sommers picked up the plot of Frankenstein and Dracula for his storyline where Van Helsing, the vampire slayer has to free frankenstein monster from clutches of a deadly vampire, the Count Dracula. If you have loved reading Frankenstein, you will also like other thriller classics – Invisible Man by H.G.Wells, Dracula by Bram Stroker, Strange Case of Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson and Picture of Dorian Gray written by Oscar Wilde. Hope you enjoyed this blog post. Do comment.


Little Women – Movie Review

Movie: Little Women
Director: Gillian Armstrong
Release Date: 1994
Cast: Winona Ryder, Christian Bale, Susan Sarandon, Kirsten Dunst, Trini Alvarado, Gabriel Byrne and Claire Danes

Synopsis: Set against the backdrop of civil war, Little Women is warm, light-hearted story of March Sisters- Meg, Jo, Beth, Amy and their quest to discover happiness in the tough times.

Review :  Louisa’s masterpiece classic novel – Little Women has been adapted into movies several times and the 1994 movie directed by Gillian Armstrong truly lives up to the adaptation capturing the spirit of novel successfully. I had read Louisa’s novel – Little Women long back in 2006 and was eager to see the literary characters come alive on silver screen and after seeing this motion picture I was very much impressed with the direction, performance, soothing music and above all the soul of the novel – its simplicity which reflects in the movie too. Gillian Armstrong has captured all the moments of the novel very perfectly like March sisters sharing their Christmas breakfast with the poor children, Jo’s short tempered nature , her efforts to shoulder family responsibilities and her dreams to become a renowned writer.

Performance wise, Winona Ryder had portrayed the role of Josephine March with excellence and put her soul into the role to make the literary character immortal on-screen. This is indeed an Oscar-winning performance of Winona who reflects every mood and feel of Jo in terms of her anger, tomboyish nature and her sincere affection for her sisters Meg, Beth and Amy.

Among all the characters in Little Women, Beth March is my favourite character and Claire Danes has truly lived up to my expectations as Beth who is a lovely, shy and homely creäture. Christian bale is one of my favourite actor and his role as Laurie is really balanced and commendable. Even Susan Sarandon has essayed the role of Marmee very perfectly. Even though Gabriel Byrne has a little role in the movie, he too has delivered a good performance as Fredrich Bhaer who inspires Jo to write her childhood memories in form of novel. Little Women is about growing up in family and discovering happiness even in hard times.

A scene from Oscar nominated movie – Little Women

I must have read the novel of Little Women thrice, but every time I read the book I discover a new aspect of life. If you have loved the novel, you will also enjoy this movie which is indeed refreshing, light-hearted and a timeless classic.