Sherlock Holmes – A game of shadows : First Look


Movie – Sherlock Holmes : A game of Shadows
Genre – Action/Thriller/Suspense
Cast – Robert Downey Jr, Jude Law.
Release Date – 16th December 2011

Preview – Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson come once together to solve a baffling case and foil the deadly conspiracies of their most dreaded adversary – Dr.Moriarty. Sherlock Holmes, the ace and famous detective of Baker street comes alive on the big screen to unfold one more mysterious case of his career. Sherlock Holmes has always been my favorite character who is always one step ahead of his adversaries and takes a stride to bring every evil to justice. I have been the die hard fan of several Sherlock Holmes novels and hope there will be a movie on Hound of Baskervilles, which is one of the most interesting case solved by this detective. Hope you enjoy the first look of this upcoming Sherlock Holmes movie.

Prashant Badiger