Famous Literary characters

Famous Literary characters

I admire, appreciate and marvel the imagination of renowned authors like Mark Twain, Alexandre Dumas, Louisa May Alcott, Robert Louis Stevenson who gave world some memorable novels filled with wonderful characters. Some characters were born from creative ideas and some were inspired from the personal experiences the writer underwent. So whether it is Mark twain’s Tom Sawyer, Louisa’s Josephine March, Mary Shelley’s Victor Frankenstein, every literary character has succeeded in finding a place in heart of readers. It is my privilege and an opportunity to inform you about some of the great, famous literary characters I simply loved.

1) Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer – There is a ‘Tom Sawyer” hidden in every child whose innocent childhood is filled with fun, gaiety and urge to explore something new in the world.
This is the novel that inspired me to foray in world of writing and make people informed about the unread, unheard stories in a more creative way. The fun filled incidents happening in this novel are the reflections of Mark Twain’s childhood days which he has poured from his heart. 

I picked up this book randomly from a scrap dealer who had a large collection of books written by several eminent authors such as Alexandre Dumas, Louisa May Alcott and Emily Bronte. I liked this book so much that I decided to read more such novels of this genre. 

Tom Sawyer gets the companionship of Huckleberry Finn and together they march on a journey filled with adventure, romance and fun. Especially, Huckleberry Finn and Becky Thatcher are the memorable characters that stay in your heart forever.

2) Louisa May Alcott’s Beth March and Josephine March – Though several decades may have passed off, but the freshness and warmth of Louisa’s masterpiece novel – Little Women is still intact and is entertaining the younger generations. It has been six years that I read this masterpiece, but still I haven’t forgotten even a single phrase, incident or character from the book. The beauty of the book lies in its warmness and its simplicity that has won the hearts of million readers worldwide and I am one of them.

‘Little Women’ is all about loving and caring your family in happiness and sorrow. This story revolves around March Sisters – Meg, Josephine, Beth and Amy. Little Women is based on life of Louisa May Alcott and her family. Through this book, Louisa has beautifully written about her life’s sweet, bitter experiences and her bonding with her younger sister. Josephine March is exactly what Louisa was. If Josephine march is short tempered, tomboyish then Beth March is a sweet little, homely girl who prefers to stay away from the outside world and has made home her world. 

Though both these sisters are completely contrasted in their personalities, but they never forget to share their happiness, sorrows and feelings with each other. Especially during the testing times, Josephine March takes care of her sister Beth and encourages her to overcome all the odds. I specially recommend this book to everyone and I am sure that these lovely characters will stay in the hearts of the reader for several decades.

3)  Alexandre Dumas’s Edmond Dantes – Edmond Dantes is unarguably the most powerful literary character in the world of literature that inspired several motion pictures, plays and novels. Edmond Dantes is the main protagonist of the novel – The Count of Monte Cristo who is forced to lose his youthful life behind the dark dungeons of Chateau d’if and betrayed his friends. Several years later, Edmond Dantes returns with a vengeance in form of a count and his main oath is to destroy his three enemies who ruthlessly destroyed his life and made him suffer in the dark prison. I had read this novel in 2002 and was pretty impressed with the pace of the storyline which keeps the reader engrossed right from the first page till the thrilling climax of the novel. This novel was written by Alexandre Dumas, the French writer who also wrote “the three musketeers” and “Man in the iron mask”.

4) Robert Louis Stevenson’s Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – Stevenson was the first author who explained the concept of split or dual personality disorder in his novel – Strange case of Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.                                                               
This novel was a phenomenal success which explained the unpredictable human nature in a thrilling manner. Dr. Jekyll’s calm life is disrupted by the arrival of a cruel, brutal and a heinous man named – Mr. Hyde.  What follows next in the chapters of this novel are the horrifying and nail biting sequences which will chill you with fear and bring one of the most horrifying revelation of all times. Dr Jekyll is one of the most enigmatic characters in the literary world which motivated several motion picture makers to make movies similar to this plot and character.

5) Mary Shelley’s Victor Frankenstein – His dream invention becomes the worst nightmares of his lifetime. Victor Frankenstein is the protagonist of the novel ‘Frankenstein’ who unknowingly becomes the victim of fate and pays a very great price for actions committed by him. With an urge to find a cure for death, Victor creates a monster from the mutilated body parts of corpses. But when he sees the heinous invention, he ignores it and runs away from the laboratory where he created this monster. Victor goes on a long holiday with his friend and when he returns, he starts losing every loved ones. The murderer of Victor’s loved ones is none other than the monster whom Victor had created with his own hands. Now Victor moves on a deadly trail to locate his creation and avenge the death of his beloved ones. Does Victor succeeds in stopping the heinous killings or he becomes the next victim of the disfigured monster? If you want to know about the thrilling fate of Victor Frankenstein, then you should definitely read Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

6) Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes – The names is Holmes, Sherlock Holmes! Sherlock Holmes is the only literary character whose popularity equals to prominent personalities such as Leonardo da Vinci, Hitler as well as Shakespeare. Along with Dr Watson, Sherlock Holmes sets on to solve the most baffling cases in Baker Street. Arthur Conan Doyle’s character has ruled the literary world for several decades and became a role model for several authors to write detective stories. Among all cases, The Hound of Baskervilles is the most puzzling case solved by Sherlock Holmes. The cases of Sherlock Holmes have been adapted several times into radio plays, stage shows, TV series as well as movies.  Hollywood director Guy Ritchie is all set to release his new movie – Sherlock Holmes which showcases the conflict between Sherlock Holmes and Professor Moriarty.

7) Jules Verne’s Captain Nemo – If ’20 thousand leagues under the sea’ is remade again in Hollywood, then Sean Connery should definitely essay the role of mysterious captain Nemo. The gigantic submarine – Nautilus becomes a threat for the nation and the U.S government recruits Pierre Arronax to uncover the secret of this gigantic submarine. Along with harpooners, Pierre Arronax sets on a daring adventure of his life to uncover the mystery behind this gigantic sea monster. Even Pierre Arronax is captured by the troops of Captain Nemo and he is taken 20 thousand leagues under the sea. What follows next are thrilling, explosive underwater sequences and a breathtaking storyline that keeps the readers hooked right from the first page till the explosive climax of this novel. Does Pierre Arronax succeed in escaping the oceanic prison of Captain Nemo? Who is this enigmatic captain Nemo and what are his deadly intentions? Grab the copy of this sci-fi thriller written by Jules Verne and explore a world beyond your imagination. I really liked this character that was one step ahead of technology and dared to defy the world.

8)  Alexandre Dumas’s Father Faria – Even small literary characters leave a long lasting impact in minds of readers and Father Faria is one of them. In the novel “Count of Monte Cristo”, Edmond Dantes, the hero of the novel is betrayed and thrown into the dark prison of Chateau d’if. After spending several years in the prison, he gets a lease of life in form of an old prisoner named “Father Faria”. This prison mate is not intellectually brilliant, but also a daring warrior who makes Edmond well skilled in all techniques and warfare. Edmond finds a companion in Father Faria and both they decide to escape from the dark prison. But as the moment to escape arrives, Father Faria becomes sick and advices Edmond to escape. While dying, Father Faria makes Edmond his successor and gives him a map to a treasure. How Edmond escapes from the prison and seeks revenge on his enemies is best to be read. Even though Father Faria has a very small role in this novel, he plays a significant role in helping Edmond escape from the prison. Father Faria is one of my favourite literary characters which stayed in my mind even after a long time.

9) Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn – I adore this character very much because he doesn’t believe in perfection or discipline and loves to lead a carefree life. Huckleberry’s family are his friends with whom he likes to spend a gem of time. Huck plays an equally important role in helping Tom discover a hidden treasure in the novel “Adventures of Tom Sawyer”. This mischievous, carefree and shabby character has poured from the imagination of Mark Twain and has succeeded in winning the hearts of several readers. To know more about Huckleberry Finn, do read the sequel – Adventures of Huckleberry Finn where Huck moves on a thrilling journey to help a Negro slave escape from chains of slavery.

10)  H.G.Wells’ Time Traveller –   What would be the first thing you would do if you get a time machine? Go backwards or take a dip in the future? Time is not in everyone’s control, but H.G. Wells defied the laws of nature in his novel “Time machine” and took the protagonist in the future through a device known as “Time machine”. “Time machine” was an unconventional concept which was introduced for the first time by H.G. Wells in his novel where he explained that a man can travel in the future or past breaking all the barriers of nature. This interesting sci-fi novel was not only successful, but also became an inspiration for several authors and motion picture makers. The story revolves around the time traveller and his quest to prove the world that in the later future, human being can easily move in the past as well as future.

11) The 3 Musketeers – From the author of “Count of Monte Cristo” and “Black Tulip” came out an immortal epic novel which wowed the readers for countless decades. Set against the backdrop of historical era of France, “The 3 Musketeers” novel is story of Aramis, Porthos and Athos, the valiant soldiers who are always ready to foil the conspiracies set by their adversaries. D’artagnan, a young comrade joins the 3 musketeers and together they embark on a mission to vanquish the adversaries of France. If you loved reading “The 3 musketeers”, then you should definitely read “Man in the iron mask” the third and final chapter of this series where the musketeers have to confront a mysterious impersonator who claims to be the successor of France.

12) Kate Douglas Wiggins’s Rebecca Rowenn Randall – Rebecca Rowenn Randall became a household name and a popular literary character the day the novel “Rebecca of Sunnybrook farm” was published. The simplicity in the writing of Wiggins connected with the readers and the courageous spirit of Rebecca was truly appreciated worldwide. I had purchased this novel long back in 2002 from a bookstore and I was truly impressed with the vivacity, courage and the humbleness of this literary character. The novel has been brilliantly written with such sheer simplicity that I was inspired to write a blog post on this novel twice on my wordpress blog.  

The soul and power of this novel lies in its simplicity which soothes the reader’s mind and gives him a new hope to see life from a refreshing perspective and the courage to face the adversities of life smilingly. Rebecca leaves her hometown “Sunnybrookfarm” to pursue her education at her aunt’s house only to face bitter taunts by her aunt Miranda Sawyer. How Rebecca faces the adversities and achieves her goal is best to be read in the novel “Rebecca of Sunnybrook farm”. I wish someday a hollywood motion picture is made on this unforgettable warm novel with a brilliant star cast.
Through this blog post, I have taken a small effort to throw a light on some lovely, unforgettable and inspiring literary characters I simply loved. I am looking forward to describe more literary characters in my next blog post. Hope you enjoy reading this blog post. Do comment.