World’s famous authors who inspired me to become a creative writer

1) Mark Twain – Mark Twain’s phenomenal classic – “Adventures of Tom Sawyer” fueled a enthusiasm and energy in my mind to embark on the journey of writing. In other words, Mark Twain was my mentor who introduced me to world of American literature and cultivated a fondness to read inspiring, enlightening and outstanding works of great writers like Louisa May Alcott, Alexandre Dumas, William Shakespeare, Kate Douglas Wiggin, Emily Bronte, Anna Sewell, Robert Louis Stevenson, H.G.Wells, Mary Shelley and many more.

The loveable characters like Tom Sawyer, Becky Thatcher and Huckleberry Finn created by Twain have been entertaining and winning the hearts of countless readers for several decades. I must have read “Adventures of Tom Sawyer” several times, but every time I read the book, it’s still fresh and sweet like a morning coffee.

2) Louisa May Alcott – If I have to describe Louisa May Alcott in just one word, I would just say  – Genuis!!!! I still remember buying “Little Women” randomly from a old bookstore. I had bought this book long back in 2005 and completed reading the novel in flat 2 hours while traveling in a bus. The first time I read this novel, I had a notion that it may be similar to Jane Austen’s classic – “Pride and Prejudice”. But this novel was completely different from “Pride and Prejudice” and was immensely refreshing. If Pride and Prejudice was about discovering soul mates, then Little Women is about growing up in family and standing by each other even in tough times. This is what I appreciate about Louisa and simply admire her work which succeeds to connect with readers in just one go. Even though this novel has a feminine touch, it has been loved by boys as well as girls.  I must have read “Little Women” thrice, but every time I complete this novel I garner a new strength and discover a new aspect of life.

 Whether it is Meg, Jo, Beth, Amy or Laurie, every character is memorable and you can’t stop yourself from falling in love with these characters. “Little Women” is more than a novel which entertains and enlightens the readers.  “Little Women” is the novel which became a inspiration for countless young writers and a true, memorable epic for book lovers.

 “Good Wives”, “Little Men”, “Jo’s Boys” and “Old fashioned girl” are other novels which got equal appreciation and success. Sad to see that teenagers are more inclined to read erotic novels and some cheap stories revolving around call centres and idiotic characters. ‘Little Women’ is a institution in itself which enlightens the reader to become more responsible, truthful, honest and humble. Very few novels have that quality to inspire readers and “Little Women” is one of them.

3) Kate Douglas Wiggin –  Kate Douglas Wiggin’s classic novel  “Rebecca of Sunnybrookfarm” became a inspiration and successful blueprint for young, aspiring writers to churn out warm and inspiring novels.  “Pollyanna”, “Anna of green gables”, “Daddy long legs”, “Heidi” and “What Katy did” were some of the novels which were highly inspired by “Rebecca of Sunnybrook farm”.  I truly admire the writing work of Kate Douglas Wiggin which reflects integrity, morality, courage and hope. The characters written by Kate Douglas Wiggin are larger than life and you can’t stop yourself from falling in love with these characters.  

A matured, warm and motivating story of a girl named Rebecca Rowenn Randall, “Rebecca of Sunnybrookfarm” is all about chasing your dreams, no matter how adverse the circumstances may be. I never gonna expected that this American classic will turn as a lucky mascot to endorse my skills to the worldwide readers. Isn’t that bliss!!!! The moment I wrote a review on “Rebecca of Sunnybrook farm” and published it on my blog, it received a phenomenal response from readers. That day was the beautiful moment of my life and I am truly indebted towards Kate Douglas Wiggin who inspired me to write my ideas from the depth of my soul. If you are aspiring to become a writer, then you should definitely read Kate Douglas Wiggin’s novel – “Rebecca of Sunnybrook farm” which is not only a novel, but a institution which motivates readers to achieve their dreams

4) Thomas Hardy – If you carefully read every short story of Thomas Hardy, you will notice that every character created by Thomas Hardy is melancholic, brooding and a miserable victim of adversity. I had read “Melancholy Hussar of German legion”,  a short story written by Thomas Hardy and this story gave me the idea of Hardy’s writing style and his knack to bring a moist in eyes of every reader. Whether it is full length novels such as “Mayor of Casterbridge” or short stories such as “Old Mrs Chundle” and “Melancholic Hussar of German Legion”, Thomas Hardy’s stories have succeeded to win the hearts of million readers.

5) Jules Verne – The concept of “Submarine” was visualized by Jules Verne in his novel “20 thousand leagues under the sea” which was a sci-fi explosive thriller where Pierre Arronax, the lead character of the novel has to trace out a mysterious sea creature beneath the ocean.  I was astonished with the visionary ideas of Jules Verne and his exceptional writing skills that keep the reader engrossed right from the thrilling opening of the story to its explosive climax. If you have a penchant for adventure and sci-fi stories, then you should definitely read “A journey to the center of the earth” and “Around the world in 80 days” which were written by this great French author.

6) Alexandre dumas – Alexandre Dumas is the only author who started the trend of writing historical novels power-packed with adventure, romance, conspiracy, loyalty and betrayal. “Three musketeers”, “The man in the iron mask” and “The Count of Monte Cristo” became cult classics and were loved by the readers all over the world. His historical and adventurous novels became a inspiration for young and aspiring writers.  Whether it is Edmond Dantes, Porthos, Aramis, D’artagnan, Father Faria or Athos, every character created by Alexandre Dumas has become immortal. I simply appreciate his writing skills, imagination and flair to create adventurous novels fully filled with action and thrill.

7) Rudyard Kipling – “Jungle Book” was the novel which was adapted into motion pictures, stage shows and animated series. Born and brought up in Bombay, Rudyard Kipling wrote the unforgettable epic”Jungle Book” which had some truly lovable characters like Mowgli, Bagheera and Sherkhan. Though I didn’t read Jungle Book, I had the privilege to enjoy “Captains Courageous” which was equally entertaining, thrilling and enjoyable.

These writers gave the world some unforgettable classics and memorable characters which were loved by readers for countless decades. I hope this blog post has served the purpose of informing my readers about the world’s acclaimed authors. I am looking forward to describe more about several other authors in my upcoming blogpost. Hope you appreciate and enjoy this blog post. Do let me know your kind and sweet comments.



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