Around the world in 80 days – An entertaining classic

Novel: Around the world in 80 days
Author: Jules Verne
Genre: Adventure

Can a person travel all over the world in just eighty days? Sounds marvellous! Isn’t it? But can a individual make it possible? All the curiosities of the readers are unfolded in the novel – Around the world in 80 days, which was written by the great French writer- Jules Verne. When the planes were just a fragment of imagination, travelers relied on railways, ships, carriages, camels and horses. But these mediums are not sufficient for a person to complete his journey round the world in just 80 days. Through his novel, Jules Verne actually took readers round the world in 80 days where every single page is filled with adventure, thrill, action and exploration.

Phileas Foggs, the protagonist of the novel puts his fortune at stake by betting that a person can really travel all over the world in 80 days. As Phileas Foggs embarks on this thrilling journey along with his servant, the trip becomes a unforgettable journey of a lifetime for Phileas Foggs as well as the readers. During the journey,Phileas Foggs and his servant, Passepartout meet several eccentric characters which includes a Indian Princess, and a chasing detective. How Phileas Foggs manages to complete the journey in 80 days and how he wins the bet is best described with entertaining moments by Jules Verne. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and consider this book as one of the best  works written by Jules Verne. If you love adventurous and exploration stories, then you should not miss reading this novel which is power packed with action packed sequences, thrilling chases and unstoppable fun. Once you complete reading this novel, also have a look at other adventurous novels like “20 thousand leagues under the sea” and “Journey to the center of the earth” which are equally entertaining.


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