Black Beauty – The Timeless Classic

Publication Date – 1877
Genre: Drama
Author : Anna Sewell

Anna Sewell’s masterpiece novel – Black Beauty became a best seller and reflected the anguish, pain and struggle of animals through a young horse. This novel revolves around a young horse named Black Beauty who has to undergo both good and bitter experiences and has to face the inhuman torture inflicted by the human race. I was completely moved after reading this novel and could feel the pain of this Black Beauty. Black Beauty is only the novel which has been written by Anna Sewell during her lifetime.

                                                     Anna Sewell – Author

Through this novel, Anna Sewell expressed her affection for the horses and highlighted the cruel atrocities made by the owners on their horses. How Black Beauty is tormented by his masters and what setbacks does he undergoes to find freedom has been written beautifully in this novel. This novel has close resemblance to the novel “Call of the Wild” written by Jack London. If “Black Beauty” was about a young colt, then “Call of the Wild” revolves around a sheepdog. Black Beauty was adapted into motion pictures, plays and television serials.

                  Poster of Steven Spielberg’s motion picture War Horse

Black Beauty’s story inspired several motion picture directors to make inspiring movies on horses. “Sea Biscuit”, “The Secretariat”, “Flicka” , “Young Black Stallion” and War Horse are some of the hollywood motion pictures which were inspired by Anna Sewell’s novel – Black Beauty.  If you love reading this classic novel, you should also read “Call of the Wild” and “White Fang”.


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