Straight from the heart

 “Some books are so familiar, reading them is like being home again” – A dialogue from the movie “Little Women”

I love this line from the movie very much. This statement is so true and convincing. We, human beings like to read where we can connect with ourselves. Whether it is a writer or a reader, everyone likes to conceive knowledge which is closely related to his life, field or hobby. For example – “Adventures of Tom Sawyer” is unarguably the best novel which has been read by children for countless decades from all over the world. The novel had the substance of love, compassion, mischief and adventure which appealed to the young readers. Mark Twain wrote this warm-hearted classic straight from his heart and his feelings were liked by the readers of all ages. The plot, character and the settings were so natural that readers felt themselves in the shoes of these characters. Majority of the novels written by writers are reminiscence of their life and the experiences they underwent. “Jane Eyre”, “Call of the wild”, “Little Women” are some of the novels which are based on the incidents happened in the life of writers.  Fame and prosperity were secondary things for writers like Louisa May Alcott, Jane Austen, Mark Twain and Emily Bronte. It was the passion and liking for writing which made these writers a recognized name in the world of literature.

 As a writer, I feel that every writer should write that pleases him. When I embarked on path of blog writing, I used to write articles with a motive to gain comments and popularity. Though I received comments, I felt that somewhere the quality was lacking and I was mechanically doing my work to gain fancy comments. I not only discovered my misconception and strategized to write topics that interested me and give me a sense of accomplishment. Even though there were flaws in my writings, I resolved to write consistently to convey my ideas to my readers. Now, I hardly bother about comments and write with a feeling that my ideas are conveyed to at least 10% of the audience in the world. For me, the 10% of the audience are very valuable as they care to read my articles and appreciate my ideas.

So next time when you start writing, write that interests you and do write it with sheer honesty and simplicity. Your articles will definitely connect with your readers. 

Hope you like this article.

Prashant Badiger


Superman -The first hollywood movie I thoroughly enjoyed

The first moment of every individual is priceless. So whether it is the first baby step, first day to school, first friend, first pocket money, first romantic date or enjoying the first movie.

Though I may have watched countless Hollywood movies, I still cherish the memory of watching Christopher Reeve starrer – Superman , the first hollywood movie of my childhood. It was the era when multiplexes and Blue ray discs didn’t exist and people relied on video cassettes to enjoy movies at home. My Dad used to bring lot of video cassettes during summer vacations and I really enjoyed watching it. Superman  introduced me to world of hollywood and as a kid I idolized Superman as a role model who saved human race from every evil force. This brilliant movie had a fantastic star cast which included Gene Hackman, Margot Kidder, Christopher Reeve and legendary Marlon Brando. Especially, I was amazed by the explosive and fast paced climax when Superman (Christopher Reeves) succeeds in saving the world from a hazardous missile launched by Lex Luthor (Gene Hackman), the deadly adversary of Superman. Truly fabulous, visually engaging and thoroughly enjoyable, Superman – movie won the hearts of millions of several viewers and I was one of them. Though I saw several hollywood movies, but watching Superman was truly mesmerizing. As the movie ended, my interest for movies started and it grew with my age and inspiring me to explore the works of genius motion picture makers like Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, Gillian Armstrong, Ridley Scott, Sylvester Stallone, Francis Ford Coppolla and Michael Bay.  Though Christopher Reeve the lead actor who immortalized ‘Superman’ is no more, he will be always loved and would stay in the hearts of the movie buffs.

Van Helsing – The vampire slayer

Movie Title : Van Helsing
Release Date – May 2004
Cast : Hugh Jackman, Kate Beckinsale
Director – Stephen Sommers

For the first time in the history of hollywood motion pictures, viewers got the opportunity to see Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde, Frankenstein Monster, Dracula and the Werewolf in a single frame. From the visionary director of Mummy and Mummy returns, came a unforgettable movie,full of action, thrills, gothic and mystery. If you love gothic movies filled with vampires and werewolves, then Van Helsing is a perfect treat for you. Stephen Sommers not only combined the famous literary characters, but also gave a refreshing touch to this adventurous vampire movie.

Synopsis : Gabriel Van Helsing, the vampire slayer is assigned the job to travel Translyvania and vanquish the most deadly adversary of all times, the heinous and evil Count Dracula. How Van Helsing succeeds in vanquishing Dracula and his deadly brides and what mysteries does he unravel during his journey to Transylvania? All these questions will unfold as you watch this thrilling motion picture.

Van Helsing is quite refreshing, unique from other vampire movies. I became a diehard fan of Hugh Jackman after seeing his performance in the role of Van Helsing.  Right from the opening scene where Van Helsing confronts the evil Mr. Hyde to slaying the werewolf and deadly brides of Dracula, this movie keeps the viewers totally engrossed. If you want to know more about Van Helsing and Dracula, then you should definitely read the classic novel – Dracula written by Bram Stoker. Over all, Van Helsing is a well scripted movie filled with thrilling sequences and adventurous storyline. Hope someday, Stephen Sommers returns again with a sequel of this movie and it will be a nice treat to see Van Helsing confronting Dorian Gray, Captain Nemo and the enigmatic invisible man. If you love adventurous movies filled with vampires, mummies and pirates, then you should definitely watch “The Mummy” “Mummy returns”, “Phantom”, “League of the Extra-ordinary gentlemen” and “Pirates of Caribbean”.


The best superhero movies of Hollywood

The superhero movie trend that began with Christopher Reeves as the man of steel in Superman became a successful formula for Hollywood movie makers to captivate cine audience. From Christopher Reeves’ portrayal of Superman to Tobey Maguire’s role as the friendly neighbourhood Spiderman, every Hollywood actor has lived the part of super hero with his heart. Since I grown up watching Superhero movies, I was always visualized that someday I would also create some fictional hero like Stan Lee did. Let’s take a glimpse at the best Superhero movies which were not only enjoyable, but also inspiring.

1) Captain America –

1) The First Avenger – I recently watched the Hollywood movie – Captain America and was amazed by the storyline and astonishing visual effects. Based on the fictional character from Marvel Comics, Captain America is story of Steve Rogers, a frail and short heighted man who wishes to get enlisted in American army, but has to face rejections. Later Steve Rogers undergoes a high technological experiment which transforms him from a frail, asthmatic person into a high muscular one. Steve Rogers transforms into a brave, dynamic hero named “Captain America” and how he saves the world from the evil “Dark Skull” is best to be seen on silver screen. The role of Captain America is portrayed by Chris Evans and he looks really convincing as the dashing patriotic hero. Set against the backdrop of world war, Captain America is an action-packed super hero movie which is thoroughly enjoyable. In the forthcoming 2012 superhero movie – Avengers, Captain America teams up with Ironman, Hulk, Thor and several other super heroes to save world from a catastrophe.

2) X- Men: First Class –   

This movie is absolutely different and refreshing from the other X-men movie series. First I would like to give standing ovation to actor James McAvoy for portraying the role of Professor Xavier in this movie. After Christian Bale, James McAvoy is the second actor who has essayed the role of a super hero with such realistic performance. This movie is prequel to X-men movie and chronicles the efforts of Xavier and Magneto in raising a mutant team to protest America from Cuban Missile Crisis. How Professor Xavier and Magneto form the mutant team and what circumstances turn them into foes? All these questions will unfold as you watch this thrilling epic superhero movie – X-men first Class. I consider this movie far more better than  

3) Batman Begins – 

 When I saw the first look of this movie on Yahoo movies website, I was confident that this movie will change the conception of superhero movies. The approach and vision of Christopher Nolan towards the character “Batman” was believable and realistic. Based on the comic book hero “Batman”, Batman begins is the saga of Bruce Wayne the multi-billionaire of Gotham city and his quest to end injustice, evil and crime from the world. When his parents are brutally killed by a notorious bandit, Bruce Wayne takes a plunge to become a crusader against evil and wipe out the mafia rule from Gotham city. Bruce Wayne transforms himself into a dark crusader named “Batman” and how he seeks vengeance on his enemies is shown very convincingly. I was amazed by the portrayal of Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman and consider him one of the finest actors in Hollywood.  This movie is far better than the earlier batman movies which appeared more comical and predictable. If you are looking to watch a entertaining superhero movie, then Batman Begins lives up to your expectations.

4) Spiderman –

Based on Stan Lee’s comic book character, Spiderman is story of Peter Parker who gets miraculously gets bitten by a radioactive spider. When his uncle is slain by a goon during a theft attempt, Peter Parker resolves to become the protector of humanity by becoming a masked superhero named – Spiderman. In this movie, Spiderman must confront his most deadly adversary of all, the heinous villain named “Green Goblin”.

 Sam Raimi’s superb direction and Tobey Maguire’s portrayal of Spiderman gave a new edge to this super hero movie. Released in 2002, this movie was a massive hit and boosted the movie career of Tobey Maguire and Kirtsen dunst.  Spiderman is one of my favourite comic heroes and seeing him on 70 mm screen was truly delightful and visually engrossing.

5) Hulk – 

 Hulk is one more comic hero which was created by Stan Lee and became an instant success in the world of comics. Inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel – Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the movie- Hulk is the story of a scientist named Bruce Banner who accidentally gets affected by gamma radiation during an experiment. The gamma radiations start affecting him and whenever he loses his temper, he turns into a green monster called “Hulk”. The role of Hulk was played by Eric Bana and the movie was directed by Ang Lee.  I liked this movie. But the sequel “Incredible Hulk” was truly superb where Hulk has to confront a cruel monster who has the equal powers similar to Hulk and has plans to demolish the city. The upcoming 2012 movie – The Avengers features actor Mark Ruffalo portraying the role of Hulk. 
So, I hope you enjoyed reading articles on best super hero movies of Hollywood. I am looking forward to include more super heroes in my upcoming blog post. Do comment.

Famous Literary characters Part 2

The literary world is full of so many fictional characters that describing about every individual character from every novel in a single blog post is not enough. My earlier blog post – Famous Literary characters described to my readers about various literary characters such as Edmond Dantes, Father Faria, Beth March, Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn etc. These characters are simply fabulous, more real than the people we actually meet and interact in our life. Wish, I could have met the mischievous Tom, short –tempered Josephine March or the sweet Becky. Currently, the impulse to write has come again and I can feel the creative jerk to write the sequel to my earlier blog post – Famous Literary characters. The moment I complete writing my article, I only wish that the information written by me is clearly conveyed to my reader. So, this is the 2nd episode in the series “Famous Literary characters. Come; let’s meet more characters from the literature.

1) Henry Fleming – Henry Fleming is the courageous hero from the novel – Red Badge of Courage written by Stephen Crane. Very few people in India know about this book which is based on American Civil war during the reign of Abraham Lincoln.

The novel revolves around the young soldiers who have enlisted in the army to protect their fatherland from other nations. Henry Fleming is the newly recruited soldier who dreams to contribute his efforts for his nation. The youthful soldiers are thrilled for getting enlisted in the army. But as they land on the war scene, the thrill transforms into a horrifying nightmare for the young soldiers. Even though many soldiers die facing the bullets, Henry Fleming chooses to flee from the battle. His mind is torn apart between life and loyalty for his nation. How Henry Fleming re-discovers the courageous spirit to fight and what setbacks lead him to path of manhood is explained very realistically by author Stephen Crane.

Through this character, Stephen Crane has thrown a light on the feelings and emotions of the countless soldiers who keep waking so that civilians can sleep peacefully. This is a coming of age novel which is set against the backdrop of American Civil war. This novel became an inspiration for several motion picture makers to make movies like “Saving Private Ryan”, “The thin red line”, “Courage under fire”, “Black Hawk Down” and “Lakshya”. This is indeed a great patriotic novel that every man should read. This book is highly recommendable.

2) Josephine March or Jo – I had described about Josephine March in my earlier blog post – Famous Literary characters. But the article was focused on bonding between Josephine March and her younger sister Beth. So when I decided to write a fresh article again on new literary characters, I couldn’t afford to exclude Josephine March from the list. She is one of my favourite characters from literature who is not just short-tempered, tomboyish but also a compassionate girl who takes every stride to support her family. Josephine March is the lead character from the novel “Little Women” who is an ordinary girl whose goes on to achieve her dreams no matter how worse the complexities of life may be.

The journey of Jo March from an irresistible tempered girl to a compassionate woman is written very beautifully by Louisa May Alcott.  If you want to know more about Jo March in detail, you should definitely read “Little Women” which is a wonderful novel filled with lovable and warm characters.

3) Jeremiah Cobb – Jeremiah Cobb is truly an endearing character from the novel “Rebecca of Sunnybrook farm” written by Kate Douglas Wiggin. Though the role of Jeremiah Cobb is very small in the novel, but he plays a pivotal role in making Rebecca aware of her dreams and ambitions. When you study this character, you will find this person quite similar to Father Faria – the character from the novel “The count of Monte cristo”. When Rebecca, the main protagonist of the novel becomes distressed by the rude behaviour of her aunt, she seeks refuge in her old friend “Jeremiah Cobb”.
Jeremiah Cobb is like a father figure to her and how he makes her realize about the true meaning of life and goal is described very beautifully in the novel. It’s the encouragement of Jeremiah Cobb that helps Rebecca to achieve her dreams. I hope someday “Rebecca of Sunnybrook farm” is remade again in a motion picture and the role of Jeremiah should be played by Robin Williams.

4) Becky Thatcher – Hi Friends this is cutie Becky Thatcher! Doesn’t it sound like that I am casually introducing you to some gal in a rock party. Though Becky Thatcher is a fictional character from the novel “Adventures of Tom Sawyer” written by Mark Twain, she is a cuddlesome girl we see everywhere in our daily life. I loved reading about this character in the novel “Tom Sawyer” and fell instantly in love with this literary character in just one go. Becky Thatcher is the love interest of Tom Sawyer and how Tom uses his tricks to woo Becky is described very beautifully in the book. Tom Sawyer is about childhood mischief, innocence and teen romance. If you want to know more about Becky, then you should definitely read “Adventures of Tom Sawyer”. It will bring smile on your face J

5) Fredrich Bhaer – Even small characters leave a long lasting impression in minds of readers. Fredrich Bhaer is a character from the novel “Little Women” written by Louisa May Alcott. A resident from Berlin, Fredrich Bhaer is a professor in philosophy who befriends Jo March, the protagonist of the story.

The eventful introduction between these two characters occurs when Jo comes to New York to get a job as a writer. Jo March focuses on writing sensational stories for newspapers to earn money but Fredrich Bhaer is firmly against sensational stories. He strongly criticizes Jo March for such writings and motivates her to write stories that are closely related to life. This constructive criticism becomes a turning point in her life and Jo resolves not to write any such trash content.

As a blogger and a writer, I too personally feel that whatever we write, it should be related toward life and should have substance of compassion. I respect this character because he guides Jo March and shows a true picture of her flaws in her writing work. In the climax of the novel, Jo March and Fredrich Bhaer happily get married and start a school for needy and poor children.

The role of Fredrich Bhaer was played by actor Gabriel Byrne in the 1994 movie “Little Women”. Even though Gabriel Byrne has a very small role, he makes his presence felt in the movie. If you want to know more about this character, do read the novel “Little Women” written by Louisa May Alcott.

6) Black Beauty – Anna Sewell’s masterpiece novel – Black Beauty was the path breaking epic that described the anguish and struggle of animals through a young horse named “Black Beauty”. The young horse is the protagonist of the novel and what pain, sufferings and torture he tolerates from his cruel masters is narrated in a very realistic way. I was completely moved by reading this book and empathized with the sufferings of horses.
Just read this path breaking novel and you will be really amazed by the emotional storytelling of Anna Sewell.  Black Beauty is truly a fabulous character that epitomises loyalty, faith, courage and compassion.

7) Laurie – I appreciate the imagination of Louisa May Alcott for creating so many lovable characters in just one novel – Little Women and Laurie is one of them. I am truly a die-hard fan of Louisa May Alcott and consider her as my mentor for bringing warmth in my writing skills. Though the novel “Little Women” is focused on March Family, Laurie the neighbourhood boy plays an important role in this storyline. Nicknamed as “Laurie”, Theodore Laurence is the grandson of Mr. Laurence, the wealthy businessman. Since Laurie’s parents are no more, Laurie is raised under the strict discipline of Mr. Laurence. Jo March befriends Laurie and the friendship blossoms into a tender relationship. Laurie gets a good companionship of March sisters and finds motherly love in Marmee, the mother of March sisters (Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy).  Little Women is not just about family, it’s also about friendship, care and love. Laurie is the lovable, boy next-door kind of person who always believes in helping people and bringing a smile on everyone’s face. The role of Laurie was portrayed by actor Christian Bale in the 1994 movie – Little Women. Do read “Little Women” to know about this charming young boy named Laurie.

8) Edward Tudor and Tom Canty – Mark Twain once again delighted the readers with his novel “The prince and the pauper” which tells the story of two boys similar in their appearance, but born under diverse circumstances.
On one side Edward Tudor is a prince while Tom Canty is a poor kid tormented by a nagging father. Destiny unites them and they exchange each other clothes to explore the thrill of life. Edward Tudor adopts the life of Tom Canty as a shabby pauper and Tom Canty is simply fascinated by the rich privileges of the royal palace. Filled with thrilling and light hearted moments, Prince and the pauper is a delightful novel which will definitely refresh you. “Prince and the pauper” became a great inspiration for Hollywood and bollywood motion picture makers to produce movies similar to this plot.

For now, these are the inspiring, lovable and outstanding literary characters who found a place in the heart of readers. I am looking forward to write one more blog post on famous literary characters from various novels. This is just a small attempt to convey my readers about the characters of literature.
Hope you love this post. Do comment.

Prashant Badiger

A motivational incident from life of Abraham Lincoln

An extraordinary courage and leadership of a ordinary man strengthened the prospects of United States and this man was none other than Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of United States. The incidents happened in his life have motivated the people to a greater extent and gave them a new hope to endure every adversity of life. I had read this story in several newspaper articles and books and was keen to make my readers informed about this inspirational episode.  Let’s take a glimpse at this short story and you will know the real meaning of persistence, courage and efforts.

                                      A rare photograph of young Lincoln


Abraham Lincoln was listening to the story of a nervous friend who was narrating about the failures and misfortunes of his life. After his narration was over, Abraham Lincoln told the person to have a glance at a board. The friend of Lincoln minutely glanced at the board and read the content written on the board. The content written on the board were the list of failures occurred to Abraham Lincoln during his life. After reading the content on the board, a new shine of hope appeared on the person’s face and he heartily thanked Lincoln for showing him a new direction towards his goal.

Let’s take a glance at the list of disheartening failures which Lincoln smiling endured and went on to become a great leader of America.

1) Unsuccessful in business   ( at age of 21)
2) was miserably lost in legislative elections (at age of 22)
3) Faced the untimely death of his sweetheart (at age of 24)
4) Had to suffer a severe nervous breakdown (at age of 27)
5) Was defeated in Congressional race (at age of 34)
6) Had to face failure of becoming a Senator (at age of 45)
7) Failed again in becoming a vice president (at age of 47)
8) Had to overcome the failure of losing Senatorial race (at age of 49)
9) Finally became the 16th President of United States of America(at age of 52)

Such heartbreaking failures could lead any person to nervous breakdown or dampen his confidence. But Lincoln faced every disappointment and failure with courage and marched on to path of success and leadership. His life was an inspiring story of courage which inspired countless leaders and upcoming youngsters all over the globe. If you want to know more about President Abraham Lincoln, do his read his biography and you will come to know about the struggles, failures happened in the life of Lincoln.  Hope you liked this article.