Straight from the heart

 “Some books are so familiar, reading them is like being home again” – A dialogue from the movie “Little Women”

I love this line from the movie very much. This statement is so true and convincing. We, human beings like to read where we can connect with ourselves. Whether it is a writer or a reader, everyone likes to conceive knowledge which is closely related to his life, field or hobby. For example – “Adventures of Tom Sawyer” is unarguably the best novel which has been read by children for countless decades from all over the world. The novel had the substance of love, compassion, mischief and adventure which appealed to the young readers. Mark Twain wrote this warm-hearted classic straight from his heart and his feelings were liked by the readers of all ages. The plot, character and the settings were so natural that readers felt themselves in the shoes of these characters. Majority of the novels written by writers are reminiscence of their life and the experiences they underwent. “Jane Eyre”, “Call of the wild”, “Little Women” are some of the novels which are based on the incidents happened in the life of writers.  Fame and prosperity were secondary things for writers like Louisa May Alcott, Jane Austen, Mark Twain and Emily Bronte. It was the passion and liking for writing which made these writers a recognized name in the world of literature.

 As a writer, I feel that every writer should write that pleases him. When I embarked on path of blog writing, I used to write articles with a motive to gain comments and popularity. Though I received comments, I felt that somewhere the quality was lacking and I was mechanically doing my work to gain fancy comments. I not only discovered my misconception and strategized to write topics that interested me and give me a sense of accomplishment. Even though there were flaws in my writings, I resolved to write consistently to convey my ideas to my readers. Now, I hardly bother about comments and write with a feeling that my ideas are conveyed to at least 10% of the audience in the world. For me, the 10% of the audience are very valuable as they care to read my articles and appreciate my ideas.

So next time when you start writing, write that interests you and do write it with sheer honesty and simplicity. Your articles will definitely connect with your readers. 

Hope you like this article.

Prashant Badiger


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