The best superhero movies of Hollywood

The superhero movie trend that began with Christopher Reeves as the man of steel in Superman became a successful formula for Hollywood movie makers to captivate cine audience. From Christopher Reeves’ portrayal of Superman to Tobey Maguire’s role as the friendly neighbourhood Spiderman, every Hollywood actor has lived the part of super hero with his heart. Since I grown up watching Superhero movies, I was always visualized that someday I would also create some fictional hero like Stan Lee did. Let’s take a glimpse at the best Superhero movies which were not only enjoyable, but also inspiring.

1) Captain America –

1) The First Avenger – I recently watched the Hollywood movie – Captain America and was amazed by the storyline and astonishing visual effects. Based on the fictional character from Marvel Comics, Captain America is story of Steve Rogers, a frail and short heighted man who wishes to get enlisted in American army, but has to face rejections. Later Steve Rogers undergoes a high technological experiment which transforms him from a frail, asthmatic person into a high muscular one. Steve Rogers transforms into a brave, dynamic hero named “Captain America” and how he saves the world from the evil “Dark Skull” is best to be seen on silver screen. The role of Captain America is portrayed by Chris Evans and he looks really convincing as the dashing patriotic hero. Set against the backdrop of world war, Captain America is an action-packed super hero movie which is thoroughly enjoyable. In the forthcoming 2012 superhero movie – Avengers, Captain America teams up with Ironman, Hulk, Thor and several other super heroes to save world from a catastrophe.

2) X- Men: First Class –   

This movie is absolutely different and refreshing from the other X-men movie series. First I would like to give standing ovation to actor James McAvoy for portraying the role of Professor Xavier in this movie. After Christian Bale, James McAvoy is the second actor who has essayed the role of a super hero with such realistic performance. This movie is prequel to X-men movie and chronicles the efforts of Xavier and Magneto in raising a mutant team to protest America from Cuban Missile Crisis. How Professor Xavier and Magneto form the mutant team and what circumstances turn them into foes? All these questions will unfold as you watch this thrilling epic superhero movie – X-men first Class. I consider this movie far more better than  

3) Batman Begins – 

 When I saw the first look of this movie on Yahoo movies website, I was confident that this movie will change the conception of superhero movies. The approach and vision of Christopher Nolan towards the character “Batman” was believable and realistic. Based on the comic book hero “Batman”, Batman begins is the saga of Bruce Wayne the multi-billionaire of Gotham city and his quest to end injustice, evil and crime from the world. When his parents are brutally killed by a notorious bandit, Bruce Wayne takes a plunge to become a crusader against evil and wipe out the mafia rule from Gotham city. Bruce Wayne transforms himself into a dark crusader named “Batman” and how he seeks vengeance on his enemies is shown very convincingly. I was amazed by the portrayal of Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman and consider him one of the finest actors in Hollywood.  This movie is far better than the earlier batman movies which appeared more comical and predictable. If you are looking to watch a entertaining superhero movie, then Batman Begins lives up to your expectations.

4) Spiderman –

Based on Stan Lee’s comic book character, Spiderman is story of Peter Parker who gets miraculously gets bitten by a radioactive spider. When his uncle is slain by a goon during a theft attempt, Peter Parker resolves to become the protector of humanity by becoming a masked superhero named – Spiderman. In this movie, Spiderman must confront his most deadly adversary of all, the heinous villain named “Green Goblin”.

 Sam Raimi’s superb direction and Tobey Maguire’s portrayal of Spiderman gave a new edge to this super hero movie. Released in 2002, this movie was a massive hit and boosted the movie career of Tobey Maguire and Kirtsen dunst.  Spiderman is one of my favourite comic heroes and seeing him on 70 mm screen was truly delightful and visually engrossing.

5) Hulk – 

 Hulk is one more comic hero which was created by Stan Lee and became an instant success in the world of comics. Inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel – Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the movie- Hulk is the story of a scientist named Bruce Banner who accidentally gets affected by gamma radiation during an experiment. The gamma radiations start affecting him and whenever he loses his temper, he turns into a green monster called “Hulk”. The role of Hulk was played by Eric Bana and the movie was directed by Ang Lee.  I liked this movie. But the sequel “Incredible Hulk” was truly superb where Hulk has to confront a cruel monster who has the equal powers similar to Hulk and has plans to demolish the city. The upcoming 2012 movie – The Avengers features actor Mark Ruffalo portraying the role of Hulk. 
So, I hope you enjoyed reading articles on best super hero movies of Hollywood. I am looking forward to include more super heroes in my upcoming blog post. Do comment.


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