Van Helsing – The vampire slayer

Movie Title : Van Helsing
Release Date – May 2004
Cast : Hugh Jackman, Kate Beckinsale
Director – Stephen Sommers

For the first time in the history of hollywood motion pictures, viewers got the opportunity to see Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde, Frankenstein Monster, Dracula and the Werewolf in a single frame. From the visionary director of Mummy and Mummy returns, came a unforgettable movie,full of action, thrills, gothic and mystery. If you love gothic movies filled with vampires and werewolves, then Van Helsing is a perfect treat for you. Stephen Sommers not only combined the famous literary characters, but also gave a refreshing touch to this adventurous vampire movie.

Synopsis : Gabriel Van Helsing, the vampire slayer is assigned the job to travel Translyvania and vanquish the most deadly adversary of all times, the heinous and evil Count Dracula. How Van Helsing succeeds in vanquishing Dracula and his deadly brides and what mysteries does he unravel during his journey to Transylvania? All these questions will unfold as you watch this thrilling motion picture.

Van Helsing is quite refreshing, unique from other vampire movies. I became a diehard fan of Hugh Jackman after seeing his performance in the role of Van Helsing.  Right from the opening scene where Van Helsing confronts the evil Mr. Hyde to slaying the werewolf and deadly brides of Dracula, this movie keeps the viewers totally engrossed. If you want to know more about Van Helsing and Dracula, then you should definitely read the classic novel – Dracula written by Bram Stoker. Over all, Van Helsing is a well scripted movie filled with thrilling sequences and adventurous storyline. Hope someday, Stephen Sommers returns again with a sequel of this movie and it will be a nice treat to see Van Helsing confronting Dorian Gray, Captain Nemo and the enigmatic invisible man. If you love adventurous movies filled with vampires, mummies and pirates, then you should definitely watch “The Mummy” “Mummy returns”, “Phantom”, “League of the Extra-ordinary gentlemen” and “Pirates of Caribbean”.



3 Replies to “Van Helsing – The vampire slayer”

  1. I remember that this film was one of the absolute favorites of all the boys in my school days. I had, of course, moved on to other filmes like ‘The Matrix’ and ‘Predator’ but I had already watched the James Bond series and that was my favorite in entertainment. While I am no fan of this film, I admire how you have reviewed it and also taken care to capture the mood of certain scenes so that a novice reader will most excited to watch those scenes or even the whole film altogether.

    1. Thanks for your encouraging review Zoeb. It is a mixture of various classics like Dracula and Frankenstein. It is a fanatasy movie with a blend of horror and action. Actor Hugh Jackman excels high as Van Helsing the monster slayer. Apart from playing wolverine, he was convincing as Van Helsing. I wonder why wasn’t there any sequel to this movie? Watch this movie to experience the thrill of classic novels

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