Hans Brinker – The unforgettable classic

Novel – Hans Brinker
Author – Mary Mapes Dodge

Set against the backdrop of a skating race, Hans Brinker is an endearing classic children novel which was written by Mary Mapes Dodge. Hans Brinker revolves around the poor Brinker family. Hans Brinker is the protagonist of the novel who stays with his mother, sister and a sick father.
With a goal to treat his mentally sick father, Hans leaves no stone unturned and takes various odd jobs so that he can treat his father with proper medication. Hans seeks the help of a famous surgeon named Dr.Gerard, requesting him to cure his father’s mental sickness. Even though the Dr agrees to cure Hans’ father, he also makes Hans aware that the crucial operation can also claim the life of his father. On the other side, Hans and his sister also have a dream of their own. They not only want to see their father well, but they also desire to participate in a skating race with a hope to win silver skates.

Does Han succeed in getting his father cured? What setback does Hans has to face to earn money for his father’s treatment? Do Gretil and Hans win the skating race? All these curiosities will unfold as you read this warm hearted, endearing classic – Hans Brinker. This novel is really one in a million and is about friendship, courage, affection and togetherness.

This novel is immensely refreshing and reminds you of several other classics such as “Tom Sawyer”, “Little Women” and “Captains Courageous”. If you are thinking to present a book to your children on their birthday, then do gift this lovely, cheerful book to your children. “Hans Brinker” will be a perfect birthday treat for your kids. Hope you liked this article. Do comment.

Prashant Badiger


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