James Bond 007 – The world’s most lethal spy

James Bond 007 is the fictional character that has become immortal in world of literature as well as movies. Created by British Novelist Ian Fleming, James Bond is the smart, dashing and daredevil commander who is bent on eliminating terrorism from the world. James Bond debuted in the world of literature in 1953 with the fast-paced espionage novel – Casino Royale.

Within a short span of time, this ace, smart spy became an instant hit with several other espionage novels like “From Russia with love”, “Dr.No”, “Gold Finger”,” Thunderball”, “World is not enough” etc.

Movies on James Bond – James Bond debuted on silver screen with 1962 movie – “Dr.No” featuring Sean Connery as the spy who embarks on a mission to save the world from a deadly weapon made by the evil Dr.No.  This movie was not only a whopping success, but it also brought upcoming actor Sean Connery in limelight. Sean Connery later continued playing James Bond in several movies which comprised “Goldfinger”, “From Russia with love”, “Never Say Never again” and “Thunderball”.

When Sean Connery decided to step out of Bond movies, actor Roger Moore stepped in the shoes and went on to become the most loved Bond of all times. “The Spy who loved me”, “Moonraker”, “A view to a kill”, “The man with the golden gun” and “For your eyes only” are the successful bond movies which featured Roger Moore as the smart, romantic spy.

After the departure of Roger Moore from the Bond movie series, Timothy Dalton was casted as the new 007 agent in “Licence to kill” and “The living daylights” in 1987. But the performance of Timothy Dalton as 007 didn’t appeal to the audience as expected.

After a gap of 8 years, the filmmakers introduced a new actor to the audience in the action-packed bond movie – The Golden eye. This time, it was the dashing and charming Pierce Brosnan. Pierce Brosnan’s charming look and performance not only won the hearts of viewers, but also gave a new lease of life to the Bond movie series.

Speciality about the James Bond movies –  What I really like about Bond movies is its thrilling and action packed beginning full of advanced gadgets, thrilling chases, explosive action, dare devilry stunts, deadly terrorists and sexy bond girls. “Pierce Brosnan” has always been the best Bond of all times. He immortalized the spy with his mind-blowing performance in “World is not enough”, “Golden Eye”, “Tomorrow never dies” and “Die another day”.

Trivia: The role of James Bond has been portrayed by Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig.

Latest updates – Presently, actor Daniel Craig is continuing the Bond legacy with the upcoming 2012 movie – Skyfall.

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Prashant Badiger


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