Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet
Release Date – 1996
Cast: Leonardo dicaprio, Claire Danes
Director – Bazz Luhrmann

The classic story of “Romeo and Juliet” was presented in an urban style by Director Bazz Luhrmann in the 1996 movie adaptation.  Bazz Luhrhmann’s visionary direction made the sweeping story of tragic lovers appear more passionate, vivacious and dazzling.  Romeo and Juliet is a story by William Shakespeare that has been adapted countless times into plays, operas and motion pictures. Especially I was impressed with the prologue of this movie when a newsreader appears on the television and reads the current headlines about the death of two lovers in city of Verona. Once the prologue ends, we are introduced to the scene where the members of Montagues and Capulets clash. As the movie progresses, Romeo and Juliet meet each other only to realize that their love is going to get crushed under the ruthless feet of hate.


Leonardo Dicaprio played the role of the innocent Montague boy – “Romeo” while the role of charismatic Capulet girl- “Juliet” was played by Claire Danes. I was pretty impressed with performance of Claire Danes as Juliet who projected the dilemma, anguish, pain and love of Capulet girl with perfection. The career of Leonardo dicaprio and Claire Danes rose to great heights and made them popular in the world of Hollywood.

The romantic dialogue between Romeo and Juliet reflects ecstasy & affection and the balcony scene is been considered as the best meeting scene of lovers ever written in the history of literature. Especially, the climax of this movie is moving and brings tears to eyes when Romeo and Juliet take their lives. Undoubtedly, “Romeo and Juliet” is the best love saga of star crossed lovers written by the genius “William Shakespeare”.

Even the 1965 movie “Romeo and Juliet” was excellently shot by director Franco Zaffareli. But the 1996 movie adaptation of the play “Romeo and Juliet” is more sensuous, moving and musical. This modern adaptation on the classic play of Shakespeare won lot of accolades and appreciations and is remembered as the best movie in the genre of romance.

I have watched this movie several times and regard this movie as the best adaptation in the history of Hollywood movies. If you are keen to know more about Romeo and Juliet, then you should read the story and you will realize about the rich vocabulary, romantic dialogues and the ironic climax which made “Romeo and Juliet” as one the best tragic plays during the Elizabethan time.

Hailee steinfield and douglas booth as Romeo and Juliet in the 2013 movie adaptation

Recently this tragic play of love was made into motion picture in 2013 featuring hailee steinfield and douglas booth in the lead roles.

Love stories like Romeo and Juliet are written only once. Hats off to Shakespeare for writing such a incredible love story whose magnificence cannot be expressed in words.

Prashant badiger


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