Tips that will help you to become a happy and successful blogger

The moment you enter a keyword in the Google search engine for guidelines on blog writing, you will notice countless web pages on becoming a successful blogger. 99% of blog writers search for tips that would make their blog popular with tons of comments and views. But how many of the writers search guidelines to become a happiest blogger in the web world? Very few! Success is not just gaining popularity and earning dollars. It’s much more. The real success lies in doing what you really love. If you aren’t happy with your work, how you can expect to be successful?

This article demystifies the illusion of fancy popularities and gives the actual tips on becoming a happy and successful blogger in the cyber space. Let’s take a glimpse at some of the few guidelines

1) Be Different – Try to stand apart from the crowd. Write some articles which haven’t been told to the world. When majority of bloggers were sharing their ideas on Janlokpal bill, I preferred to write an article on the famous characters from literature. Even though, the article received less response, I was happy that I dared to write a different article with complete unique concept.

If you have written the content from your heart, it will definitely connect with the audience. So, write something different that pleases you and gives you a sense of accomplishment. If you are happy about your writing work, success and popularity will automatically follow you.

2) Write about positive side of life – Please don’t write articles on Petrol hike, recession, interest rates, political leaders, floods and Janlokpal bill  in your blog post.  The eyes of every individual in this world are tortured by such stuff in the newspaper. Let the finance writers and newspaper reporters handle that.  So write something that’s endearing, cheerful and thoughtful e.g. the first rain drop, favourite song, smile of a beautiful girl, the first date with your sweetheart or any good movie that you thoroughly enjoyed in a multiplex.

In a short, describe something that is filled with substance of love, humour, compassion and hope.

3) Write inspiring and motivational articles – If you have a motivational or inspiring story to tell, then do write on your blog and share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Digg.

People always like to read motivational articles. Thus the motivational article acts as a platform to cheer up the spirits of tensed people. The formula of writing motivational articles gets 100% response and popularizes your work to a large group of audience.

4) Read a lot to write a lot – Nicholas Sparks, the famous author of the Novel “Notebook” has stated that every writer should read at least 100 books a year. Though it may sound a bit tough, but professional writers do read 60 to 70 books a year. Try to read at least 10 books a year.

“Every writer should read at least 100 books a year” – Nicholas Sparks

As you go on reading, it slowly helps you to get a gist on the literature from various countries and enables you to identify new words, phrases and writing styles. If you want recommendation on good books then I suggest reading “Word power made easy”, “How to stop worrying and start living”, “The count of Monte Cristo”, “Little Women”, “Adventures of Tom Sawyer” and “Anne Frank – The diary of a young girl”, Elements of Style by William Strunk and E.B.White and Chicken Soup for the teenage soul.

5) Write short articles – Web writing is different from book writing. It should be short, humorous and to the point. Online readers are always looking for information written in a detailed as well as short way.

Lengthy articles aren’t read by the online users with the same enthusiasm as they read short content.  If you are writing a long article, make sure that you break up the article in paragraphs and bulleted list. A blog article presented with images gets good response.

6) There’s a story behind every story – If you are planning to write a biography on President Abraham Lincoln, you will definitely research on his life, his struggle and the political scenario prevailing during that era. Below are some of the keywords that are closely related to Lincoln’s life.

E.g Gettysburg address, Civil war, John Wilkes Booth, slavery.

This idea struck me when I was reading a book on speech deliveries. Since “Gettysburg speech” is considered as one of the best speeches in the American history, it inspired me to search the speech in Google. As I read the Gettysburg speech, it also gave me idea about Lincoln’s oratory skills, leadership and his journey to become the 16th president of America. Since Google is itself a vast library, you won’t fall short of creativity and ideas.

7) Keep writing, writing and writing – The more, you write, the more you get expertise in the field of writing. Spend at least one hour everyday for writing what you feel and what you love the most in your life.

For now, these are some points I felt discussing in this article. Hope you will discover some new thoughts, ideas from this content. If you do have any idea to share, do comment. I would love to hear it from you. Till the moment, enjoy your writing.

Keep Smiling


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