How really a workplace should be?

The moment a person glances at the “Workplace”, a dynamic energy starts flowing in the veins and he pounces upon the workstation to bring out the creativity. Since I have been in this industry for past 6 years, I always wished that a workplace should be surrounded by motivating team leads, a supportive boss and bunch of loving colleagues. According to me, a workplace is not just a cubicle with a PC, notepad and stationeries. It’s much more. If I would have been the CEO of my organization, I would always take care to make my team members comfortable, happy and creatively free. Let’s take a glimpse at some crucial points which will definitely bring innovative changes in the workplace.

1) Transparent communication –
 If you want to increase the productivity of your company, the foremost important thing is to speak out your mind and convey your vision to your employees. This point is what actually missed out. If an employer takes one step to show the actual picture of his goals and requirements, there won’t be any conflict, confusion in minds of his workforce. This healthy communication won’t just build relationships, but will also boost the productivity of the organization.

2) Motivation – That’s what matters a lot!!!! It transforms a rookie intern into a dedicated, committed and hardworking professional. Motivation is the first step to team-building. Does motivation really exists in corporate sectors? The percentage of motivators in corporate sectors is very less. On the contrary, new joined employees don’t gain the expected support and co-operation from their senior members. Result! Either the employee loses his interest in the job or he starts surfing for new opportunities on job portals. It’s very essential for the company’s entrepreneur to monitor the performance of every employee and motivate him so that he gets a certain amount of time to overcome his flaws. Overall, motivation is really a must.

3) Awards and appreciations –Every person tirelessly works day and night to complete the company’s project. He not only put his efforts, skills and expertise in the work, but also puts the additional hours of his life for the organization’s growth. But how many people really realize that? Not a single one and the outcome is just resentment, frustration and disappointment which begins to grow in the heart of the person. I am completely against this approach. If the entrepreneur doesn’t appreciate the effort of his workforce, then who will? Just take an initiative to say 2 magical words “Well done” to your employees and witness the miracle.

4) Constructive criticism – Many a times, an employee is publicly humiliated or criticized for his weak performance. Insulting a person is neither a solution to any problem nor it is going to improve the productivity of the organization. There is a huge difference between Destructive criticism and Constructive criticism.

Destructive criticism is just bombarding on a person with harsh words, discouraging statements and hopeless comments. If you want to know what “Constructive criticism” really means, then see the movie “Taare Zameen Par” and you will discover the actual meaning of constructive criticism. Criticism is essential for improvement and progress, but it should be conveyed in a compassionate way in absence of public. Constructive criticism means not just making a person aware of his flaws, but also leading him to path of self-realization, improvement, growth and productivity.

These are some points I felt necessary to share with my readers. For me, the significance of a workplace matters a lot. It’s a professional home where we don’t just work, but also learn, share and interact. If you have any suggestions and vision about an ideal workplace, do let me know. I will be happy to include the suggestions in my blog post.

 Till then, have a happy working day and keep smiling

With Regards
Prashant Badiger


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