The man in the iron mask – A thrilling novel by Alexandre Dumas

Novel – The Man in the iron mask               
Author – Alexandre Dumas
Genre – Action/Thriller/Drama
Ratings – Outstanding

The Man in the iron mask – Set during the reign of Louis XIV, the emperor of France, “The man in the iron mask” is a swashbuckler novel and the final chapter of Musketeer Series that marks the end of Musketeers – D’artagnan, Porthos, Athos and Aramis.

 Truly a thrilling masterpiece, “The man in the iron mask” is the conflict between the  emperor Louis XIV and his estranged twin brother, Philippe. When Aramis, one of the musketeers realizes that France needs a more responsible,  loyal and honest monarch, he decides to replace the cruel king with a honest look alike, who is none another than Philippe, the twin brother of Louis XIV. As the story advances, Philippe ascends on the throne as Louis while on the other side Louis is imprisoned in the dark prison of Bastille. The story of this novel takes a quick twist when Louis XIV is released from the prison by the governor and this is the phase where Louis XIV decides to seek revenge on Aramis, Porthos and Philippe. How Aramis and Porthos manage to resist the wrath of Louis XIV forms the crux of the story. I had read this novel in 2002 and became a true fan of Alexandre Dumas who wrote swashbuckling, thrilling and adventurous historical novels such as “Three Musketeers”, “Black tulip” and the phenomenal classic “The Count of Monte Cristo”.

 “The Man in the iron mask” was adapted and made into motion picture in 1998 in which Leonardo dicaprio portrayed the role of Louis XIV whereas Jeremy Irons, John Malkovich and Gabriel Byrne played the roles of musketeers. If you love adventurous novels, then you should definitely read other classics such as “Rob Roy”, “The prisoner of zenda”, “Captain Blood”, “Robinhood” and “King Arthur and knights of the round table”.


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