Why do I ‘really’ love to ‘write’?

Though I have written several blog posts, expressing my love for writing in a light hearted manner, this article is a bit fierce, harsh and true to the point.
Many a times, a writer is been ridiculed and criticized as a boring person by people. Unfortunately, this perspective is never right. A writer doesn’t just write; he pours his imagination, expertise, pain and experience in the article.
A worthy and committed writer never bothers about such remarks and keeps marching on his duty. I pity on such people who spend their entire life making mockery of a writer’s sensibilities, creativity and his dedication. Such people are like termites. Personally as a writer, I have also undergone such instances where people even discouraged me to leave the writing profession. But I have still continued writing, writing and writing.

Even great writers like Herman Melville, Louisa May Alcott, Stephen King and J.K.Rowling had to face criticisms in their career. It’s their dedication, commitment and writing works which always inspired me to keep writing.

Let me share one story about a woman’s struggle to raise her little daughter.
The divorce had not only shattered the dreams of a happy marriage for Joanne, but also had made her homeless and unemployed. The world was very harsh for Joanne and her child. But, instead of getting rude and bitter, she endured every hardship in life and focused her attention on writing. She wrote, wrote and wrote. Every word written in her story was phenomenal and magical.

It’s was her imagination and her writing skills that bought “Harry Potter” on the book shelf of every child. The books of “Harry Potter” were sold in millions all over the world and the sale of this book not only made this woman popular, but also made her the first richest writer in the world. This woman was none other than “J.K.Rowling”.

I had read this small piece of story in Arindam Chaudhari’s book – “Discover the diamond in you” and I was very keen to put this story in my article. It was J.K.Rowling’s vision and imagination which made her popular in the world of literature. “Little Women”, “Pride and Prejudice”, “Romeo and Juliet”, “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” and “Lord of the rings” are some of the books which were written by great writers like Alcott, Austen, Stowe and Tolkien during their tough times. Writing is not just putting words, it is much than one had really imagined. It’s a vision, a spectacular experience, new world and memorable characters created by a writer from his imagination. Whether it is Kalidas, Saratchandra, Premchand or Shakespeare, their struggles shaped their lives and they went on to become the legendary authors of their generation. Their works still live on. I am proud to be a part of this noble profession which gave me a privilege to write out my thoughts with touch of philosophy and elegance. Everybody writes, but no one really ‘writes’ as a writer does. Every word written by a writer is valuable than a diamond and has the power to redefine the lives of readers who read it. As I conclude writing this article, I just have to say writing connects, defines and shape our lives as every word written by a writer is a gateway to eternity. Hope this article changes the misconception of people towards writers and writing.

Prashant Badiger


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