Adventures of Robinson Crusoe – Novel Review

Novel Title: Robinson Crusoe
Author: Daniel Defoe
Publication Date: 1719

Synopsis – Published in 1719, “Adventures of Robinson Crusoe” is an inspiring story of castaway named Robinson Crusoe who spends 28 heartbreaking years on an island.

Even though Robinson’s parents make him aware of the dangerous consequences of sea voyage, young Robinson Crusoe embarks on a sea voyage along with his crew. His voyage becomes the biggest nightmare of his life when his ship is wrecked in the storm and he is left alone on an island. Since there is no mankind on the un-inhabited island, Robinson must struggle to survive in the isolated island facing hunger, thirst and confronting pirates, mutineers and man-eaters.   In the midst of fatigue, depressive and heart breaking situations, Robinson has only one hope – to reunite with his family whom he left 28 years back.

Does Robinson Crusoe succeed in returning to his homeland? What effort does Robinson has to take to survive on the isolate island? Does Robinson become the victim of man-eaters? All these questions will unfold as you read Daniel Defoe’s masterpiece novel – Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. I appreciate the creativity of Daniel Defoe for writing such a beautiful novel which has slice of reality and highlights the struggle of man to survive even in the tough situations.

The role of Robinson Crusoe was portrayed by actor Pierce Brosnan in the 1997 Hollywood motion picture – Robinson Crusoe. Even the television series – Lost and Hollywood movie ‘Castaway’ were inspired by Robinson Crusoe.

                                    Poster from the Movie – Castaway

If you loved reading novels revolving around castaways, then Adventures of Robinson Crusoe lives up to your expectations. Once you complete reading this novel, also check out other classics such as Swiss Family Robinson, Mutiny onboard H.M.S Bounty, Treasure Island, Kidnapped and Moby Dick.


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  1. I red this novel every before even, its been 10 yrs, loved it, this one is great…. and saw the movie cast away


  2. prashantb says:

    I never expected such a mind blowing response for Robinson Crusoe. It has got 2,167 views on various social networking sites. It’s truly amazing!!!! It’s record breaking in every sense. I loved reading the novel and equally enjoyed writing my views on this classic book..The heartful words connected with the audience. Thanks to all the readers for liking my article on Robinson.


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