Water Horse – Legend of the Deep : A delightful Classic

Motion Picture: Water Horse- Legend of the deep
Cast: Ben Chaplin, Brian Cox, Emily Watson and Alex Etel
Release Date – 2007

Have you ever heard about a friendship between a boy and a water horse? You surely didn’t. The childhood of every boy and girl is fascinated by bedtime stories filled with princess, Knights, dragons and mythical creatures. Presented by the makers of Chronicles of Narnia, Water Horse-Legend of the deep is also one such bedtime story which is a cheerful and an extraordinary saga of friendship between Angus and the water horse.

Synopsis: The opening scene of the movie begins with an old man narrating a story about a sea-horse to a couple and the story moves in flashback to 1940 and the viewers are introduced to a boy named Angus who is impatiently waiting for the return of his long-lost father who is missing in the war.  The solitary life of Angus takes a miraculous turn when he discovers a huge egg lying on the shores of Loch Ness. Angus keeps the egg hidden in the store house, only to explore a magic that will change his life forever. When the hatchling comes out of the egg, Angus realizes that this creature is actually a sea-horse. Angus not only feeds the mythical sea-horse, but also keeps it hidden from the eyes of his mother and sister. A friendship develops between Angus and the sea-horse during the time and they both share the sweetest moments of the companionship. With this sea-horse, Angus discovers a guardian in this sea creäture. This sea-horse not only brings happiness back in life of Angus, but also helps get him rid of the fear of water.

But the sweet trouble for Angus actually begins as the sea-horse starts growing in size every day. Angus confides about the hidden sea-horse to his sister and they together start planning to find a secure place for this mythical sea-horse. How Angus and his sister manage to hide the sea-horse from the world is projected very beautifully by acclaimed director Jay Russels. If you are planning to watch a family movie with your kids, then Water Horse – Legend of the Deep is a perfect treat for your entire family. Every scene of this heart warming movie is filled with breathtaking visuals & cheerful moments which will definitely bring a smile on your face. I consider this movie more beautiful than E.T and recommend this as a delightful classic movie. Go, enjoy the delightful moments of Water horse with your family!!!!


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