An inspiring episode from life of Sri Guru Arjan Dev

If there is any beautiful and divine place on earth; it is definitely the Golden Temple of Amritsar. This holy temple was built by Sri Guru Arjan Dev, the sixth guru of Sikhs. It’s a great privilege for me to tell you an inspiring episode from life of Sri Guru Arjan Dev which conveys an important message that no work in the world is high or low.

When Arjan Dev was working in the ashram of his guru, he was assigned to clean all the utensils and vessels in the kitchen. The other disciples in the ashram used to mock at the duties assigned to Arjan Dev. But Arjan dev went on cleaning utensils regularly day and night. Guru Arjan Dev never felt the job below his dignity and always did his work happily. The efforts and hard work of Guru Arjan Dev were not left unnoticed. When Arjan Dev’s guru decided to take Samadhi, he had already considered Arjan Dev as his next successor.  The other disciples of the ashram were taken by surprise as they heard the name of Guru Arjan Dev announced as the new leader.

No one ever realized that this utensil cleaner will be declared as the forthcoming leader of Sikhs. What a great leader Arjan Dev really was! Even though, he was assigned to clean the utensils and heavy vessels in the kitchen, he performed his duty honestly. This story is so thought provoking and gives us a very valuable teaching that one should never shy from doing any work.
I had read this story in a motivational magazine and was keen to include this inspiring story in my blog post. Hope you will like this post. Please do let me know your suggestions.

Prashant Badiger


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