The Time Machine

Novel – The Time Machine
Author – H.G.Wells
Publication Date – 1895
Genre – Sci-Fi

What would be the first thing you would do if you get a time machine? Go backwards or take a dip in the future? Time is not in everyone’s control, but H.G. Wells defied the laws of nature in his novel “Time machine” and took the protagonist in the future through a device known as “Time machine”. “Time machine” was an unconventional concept which was introduced for the first time by H.G. Wells in his novel where he explained that a man can travel in the future or past breaking all the barriers of nature. This interesting Sci-fi novel was not only successful, but also became an inspiration for several authors and motion picture makers. The story revolves around the time traveller and his quest to prove the world that in the later future, human being can easily move in the past as well as future.

                                                     Author H.G.Wells

H.G.Wells’ classic novel – The Time Machine became a inspiration for several motion pictures which included – The Time Machine (2002), The Time Traveller’s wife (2009) and Back to the Future (1985). If you loved reading “The Time Machine”, then do also read other Sci-fi novels – The Invisible Man and War of the worlds which were successful works of H.G.Wells. Hope you liked this article

Prashant Badiger


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