The Eye – Movie

Motion Picture : The Eye
Cast : Jessica Alba
Year of Release : 2008 


Eyes are the most sensitive, delicate and priceless gift that God has granted us to see the beauty of the colorful world filled with natural wonders. Life without vision is incomplete. But what would you do if you get a supernatural power in your eyes to see the future, dead people and horrifying images? Will it be a blessing or a curse?

Like every visually impaired person, Sydney Wells, a blind violinist desires to see her vision restored.  Blinded in accident during her childhood, Sydney decides to undergo a cornea transplantation which would bring her vision back.  Though, the successful cornea transplant brings happiness back in Sydney’s life, she still sees things in blur. But as the vision of Sydney starts getting clearer, she begins seeing horrifying images of dead people and ghastly visuals of fire. Her only dream to see her vision restored becomes her biggest nightmare. As the story progresses, she sees more horrifying and paranormal visuals which leaves her distressed and shocked.

 But the real shock comes to Sydney when she sees the face of a mysterious ghostly girl instead of her face in the mirror. Now Sydney realizes that she must unlock the secret of these hallucinations and the information about her eye donor. Seeking the help of her friend, Paul Valner, a visual therapist, Sydney moves to Mexico to get the details about her mysterious donor. What happens next is a series of horrifying and shocking incidents which leads Sydney to uncover the reality behind this mystery. Does Sydney succeeds in getting rid of the horrifying visuals? Who is the mysterious donor of Sydney and what horrifying connection the donor holds with her recipient? All these mysteries will unfold as you see this brilliant super natural horror movie – The Eye.

‘The Eye’ is remake of the Hongkong Movie which bears the same title. The plot of the Hongkong movie “The Eye” was adapted for a Hindi motion picture named “Naina” where the protagonist experiences the same fear as shown in the original movie. First of all, I would like to appreciate Jessica Alba for delivering a excellent performance as the visually impaired violinist. Right from the opening scene of the movie till the nail biting climax, “The Eye” keeps you hooked and gives you a refreshing scary treat in the genre of horror. Though “The Eye” has few scary scenes compared to the original one, but it still manages to hold your attention and give you goosebumps. Overall, “The Eye” is highly recommended for movie buffs who have penchant for horror movie. If you like “The Eye”, then you should also check out “The Uninvited”, “Unborn”, “Alone” , “ Shutter”,“The Grudge” and “The ring”.



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