Popular Literary Character – Josephine March


Literary Character – Josephine March from the novel “Little Women” written by Louisa May Alcott
Nick name – Jo
Siblings – Meg, Beth, Amy
Friends – Laurie, Fredrich Bhaer

A glimpse on literature’s most charming, endearing fictional character – Josephine March : It has been six long years since I read Louisa May Alcott’s novel – Little Women, but I still feel the same freshness which I experienced while reading it for the first time.

“Some books are so familiar, reading them is like being home again” – A dialogue from the 1994 movie Little Women

How truly said! This book took me back to my childhood days, the days of happiness, innocence mischief, joy, friendship and togetherness. What really stayed in my heart and mind is the leading protagonist of the book – Jo March. This character had the reflection of Louisa herself, who was sharp-tongued, short-tempered and tomboyish.

Set against the backdrop of civil war, Little Women is story of Jo March, her transformation from a short-tempered girl into a responsible, compassionate woman who extends her support to her family at every instance of life.

Right from the first chapter of the novel where Jo and her sister offer their breakfast to poverty-stricken children to the warmly ending climax, Jo March succeeds in finding a place in heart of the readers through her unique personality which is a mix of perfections and flaws. On one side, she is a restless, scowling girl while on other side she has a tender heart towards her family and friends. In the absence of her parents, Jo takes the responsibility of upbringing her younger sisters, Beth and Amy. What I really loved in this novel was the strong bonding of Jo with her sisters – Meg, Beth and Amy. Her aspirations to become a writer takes Jo to New york and how she succeeds in achieving her dreams is best described by Louisa May Alcott in her novel “Little Women”.

The role of Jo March was played by Hollywood actress Winona Ryder in the 1994 motion picture “Little Women”. This movie is memorable and so is the portrayal of Winona Ryder as Jo who brought the character to life on the big screen with her lively and realistic performance. I consider this movie as the best adapted motion picture which succeeds in capturing the spirit of the novel and its lovable characters.

Through this article, I attempted to introduce you to literary world’s most endearing character – Jo March which has been adored by readers of all ages for countless decades. If you want to know this character in detail, then do read the unforgettable novel “Little Women” and its sequels “Little Men” and “Jo’s Boys”.  Hope you liked this article. Do comment and keep smiling 🙂