2012 – An year to remember

As this beautiful year comes to an end, I just want to share the best moments I experienced in 2012. 2012 started off by watching the bubbly smile of actress Amanda Seyfried in the movie “Dear John”.

Opportunities – Taking up a new job in an online shopping company was the first turning point in my life which once again gave me an opportunity to explore the world of advertising. It’s God grace and blessings which helped me to come out of some difficulties which I was facing personally and professionally.

Bonding and connecting – Thanks to my Windows Mobile, connecting with old buddies and new friends was far easier and convenient on Whats app, Facebook and Yahoo Mail.

Articles – Though I may have written few articles, but I consider them as the best articles till date. Whether it was writing about romantic novel – Dear John, unveiling the untold story of Anne Frank or paying tribute to late superstar rajesh khanna, every story was unique in its own and the writing experience – truly delightful and learning.

Dream to complete 100th article – Since 2009 till date, I have completed writing 94 articles on my WordPress blog and I am gearing up to mark my century soon. I am very thankful to my readers from all the corners of the world who encouraged my articles and hope you all continue to read my articles in a long run. Again I am thankful to my God who has given me the wisdom to write good, motivational and informative stories through the medium of WordPress blog. I am just hoping to flex my creative muscles and roll out refreshing, new, untold stories to my readers. Once again, wishing everyone a happy and prosperous new year. Take care and keep smiling 

Happy New Year
Prashant Chidanand Badiger


5 Replies to “2012 – An year to remember”

  1. Nice blog Prashant!!
    I really enjoyed while reading the article which flaunts ur ambitions, disposition & tenacity.

    Wishing u to roll out remaining 6 articles soon.Hold on ur efforts and maintain ur sanguinity.

    If u can, U CAN!!

    “Wish You n Family very Happy & Prosperous New Year”

    –Avid Reader

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