U, me aur hum – A journey of love


Motion Picture – U, Me aur hum
Cast – Ajay Devgan, Kajol
Director – Ajay Devgan
Release Year – March 2008

“Sometimes the greatest journey in the world is the distance between two people”

Truly said!! Love connects, defines and shapes our lives without giving us any hint of its arrival. It happens, just happens!!!Some love stories are adored, some forgotten, some cherished and some lost in pages of books. This love story is about falling in love with your sweet heart every day, every moment.

Set against the backdrop of a cruise trip, U, me aur hum is story of a boy who hesitates to convey his feelings to the sweet girl he has just met aboard. When his father notices this, he encourages his son to express his feelings and bets that he can win the heart of any girl aboard.

After noticing several women aboard, his son gives a challenge to his father to propose an old woman. Smilingly, the father not only befriends the old woman, but also starts narrating an endearing love story happened on the cruise several years back. This is the story of Ajay, a successful psychiatrist who loses his heart to Pia, a bartender on the cruise. They both fall in love and start a happy married life. But their happiness is short-lived, when Ajay realizes that Pia fails to recognize him and is a chronic patient suffering from Alzheimer. Day by day, Pia starts losing her memory and the every beautiful instance that connected Ajay and Pia together in a relationship.

Now Ajay is left with only one option – to get Pia hospitalized so that she can overcome Alzheimer. Does Pia succeed in overcoming Alzheimer? What happens of Ajay? Will his love stand the test of time? But what is the connection of this old man with Ajay and Pia? This answers will unfold as you watch this beautiful motion picture – U, me aur hum featuring Ajay Devgan and Kajol. If you enjoy loving this movie, you will also love watching “The Notebook”, “Message in a bottle”, “Hum ko deewana kar gaye” and “The Vow”. Hope you like this post

Happy Reading
Prashant Badiger


One Reply to “U, me aur hum – A journey of love”

  1. Dear prashant,
    i have seen this movie long time back and your my all time favorite and this movie it very nice and watch it that’s great.thanks for reminding the movie…and lovely couples Ajay n kajol

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