A slice of appreciation – My first ad campaign

“Sometimes there are some things worth sharing in life and happiness is one of them” – Quote

Today my happiness is sky-high. On 7th Feb 2013, I got the news that the creative campaign for aids awareness has been nominated as the best ad by Maharashtra national exhibition board. Kudos and million thanks to my respective creative head Jayanti Sir and my colleague – Abhijeet Shevale who made me a part of this campaign. Writing on this campaign was really a learning experience as it helped me to leap into the ocean of creativity with more depth. Since this is my first ad campaign, I couldn’t wait to share my happiness with you all. I convey my sincere thanks to my god for giving me the creative wisdom, knowledge and vision to impart my ideas in form of words. This creative ad has received mind-blowing response at Jehangir Art Gallery. Rest, I am just speechless. Anyways, I thank my parents, mentor, colleagues and all my dear friends for their moral support. Without all your support and love, this success wouldn’t have been so grand 

Snapshots of the creative ad


Drive safely


Love you all
Prashant Badiger


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