Back to my writing table


Hello Friends !! Last Feb has been fabulously busy with many unexpected changes in my professional as well as personal life. On Feb 22nd, I took my new role as web content writer in E-Commerce Department in my organization which was again a challenge to flex my creative muscles and come up with good liners. Since I had shifted to a new department, I connected with new people whereas I was emotionally detached from my old friends. This one month was pretty busy which kept me glued to my new responsibilities, giving me hardly any time for blog writing. I guess “Dear John” was the only novel I completed reading in January. It tugged my heart, it really did !! I am planning to come up with a new blog post on “Dear John” very soon. This blog post will be a tribute to the spirit of true love which stands the test of time.

Even I am planning to complete all my pending articles which are seriously waiting to get published. So without further waiting anymore, I have returned to my writing-table with a new determination, vision and ideas to write and publish completely refreshing, unique and inspiring articles. God wish me luck !!

Prashant Badiger


2 Replies to “Back to my writing table”

  1. Dear prashant,
    Even we are missing you in our department but you got promoted we are very happy for that and people with whom your working will love you 2 soon….Best Of Luck and keep writing like this…


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