Immortals of Meluha – Legend of Shiva


Novel Title – Immortals of Meluha
Author – Amish Tripathi
Publication Date – 2010
Publishers – Westland

First of all I appreciate the imagination of author amish tripathi to come up with such a unique novel that retells the legend of lord Shiva in a fictionalized way. This book is like a reference guide for the readers who are new to Indian mythology and unaware of the legend of God Shiva.

When I gained my consciousness as a human being, it was lord shiva’s temple that I first visited and I felt a divine calmness in my mind. I wondered who must be this enigmatic yogi who is in constant meditation, detached from worldly pleasures. He is known by many names like “Ashutosh”, “Shankara”,”Mahesha”, “Neelkantha”, “Somnath”, “Balrajeshwar” and “Shambu”. “Immortals of Meluha” redefines Lord Shiva as a modern day warrior who realizes his divinity and potential as a divine “Neelkantha” and wages a war against inhumanity. On the auspicious occasion of Mahashivratri, I bought this book and as I started turning the pages of this book, my faith and devotion in Shiva has become more stronger.


Synopsis : Set against the backdrop of Indus civilization, immortals of meluha is story of a Tibetan warrior named Shiva whose tribe is constantly attacked by a terrorist group named prakratris. He not only has to confront these deadly ‘prakratris’, but also find a secured and secluded place for his tribe where he and his tribe can lead a peaceful life far from the bloodshed and inhumanity. But destiny has kept some different plans in store for this valiant warrior Shiva. Nandi, a resident of a place called “Meluha” invites shiva and his tribe to migrate to meluha where they can be safe from the heinous prakratris. Though shiva settles down at meluha along with his tribes, he has to face a new challenge to protect “meluha” city from chandravanshis and nagas, the deadly enemies who are bent to destroy the meluhan empire. How Shiva protects Meluha from chandravanshis, nagas and prakratris is best described by author amish tripathi in the first chapter of shiva trilogy – immortals of meluha. Today where Indian authors are coming up with same stuffs like stories about call centers and emotional love sagas, amish tripathi’s book is really a visual treat and a refreshing change. Through this book, author amish has bridged the gap between mythology and history and presented a modernized version of Shiv puran.
In this novel, you will find all the mythological characters like Sati, Daksha, Nandi in a complete new avatar.

Amish Tripathi – Author of book “Immortals of Meluha”

Immortals of Meluha is the first chapter in the Shiva trilogy followed by another two novels – Secret of Nagas and Oath of vayuputras. Immensely gripping with action, romance, intriguing story line and engrossing characters, Immortals of Meluha keeps you glued right from the opening scene till the grand intriguing climax. If I want to describe about this book in simple words then it is like ‘Avatar” meeting “300”. This novel will remind you of epic hollywood movies like “Ben Hur”, “Avatar”, “Gladiator”, “Kingdom of heaven” and “Brave heart”. I highly recommend this novel to the readers who love fantasy, history and mythology. Hope you all loved this article. Do comment and keep reading.

Har Har Mahadev !!!


2 Replies to “Immortals of Meluha – Legend of Shiva”

  1. A very compelling and riveting review of what should be one of the most stunning mythological adventures of all time. From what I understand, Tripathi’s books help us to discover the God-like hero and Messiah inside us all. This review really made me feel intrigued about the story.

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